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Atypical stainless steel furniture

Basic characteristic

  • wide variability
  • adaptation to customer’s wishes
  • top-quality materials
  • modern ergonomic design
  • short terms of delivery 









Basic design elements 

The basic design elements are made of first-quality stainless steel DIN 1.4301, AISI 304. All edges and functional joints are perfectly welded to eliminate the contamination risk. The surfaces are ground and offer an elegant uniform appearance with all furniture pieces. This surface is identical with the paneling of steam sterilizers or with optionally manufactured stainless steel walls.

If the customer wishes, we can make furniture according to his individual requirements.


Product series description

The complete equipment of the central sterilization department, laboratory or public catering facility always requires some atypical kinds of furniture. The requirements are usually specified according to the character of the activity or working process.

Make the best of our offer and let us create also the atypical furniture pieces for you.


The main representatives are: 

  • feeding stainless steel hatches – for building-in in a wall to separate two working rooms
  • feeding (interleaving) stainless steel boxes with mutually blocked doors - for building-in in a wall to separate two working rooms (e.g. sterile stock and room  for material reclaim)
  • operating carts