Baltimore Project

Prezentace BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. v Argentine19. 12. 2011

This year, we inflected the name of the city Baltimore in the USA into many different cases. Our subsidiary firm in the USA acquired a prestigious order through its dealer in Baltimore for 13 sterilisers for ...

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Presentation of our company at the fair Tecnosalud - Lima, Peru

Prezentace BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. v Lime.jpg29. 9. 2011

The Tecnosalud trade-fair which is held every two years in Lima (Peru) was held on 14–16 September, 2011.

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ÚHKT Prague

UHKT_prague.jpg23. 7. 2011

The Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion in Prague represents a unique connection of six research departments, ...

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Successful installation – Cali, Columbia 2011 - Hospital Universitario del Valle (H.U.V.)

cali_columbie.jpg10. 7. 2011

After three years of strained work, we have succeeded in selling and installing first five large steam sterilizers on the Columbian market. ....

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Venticell IL – new large-capacity industrial dryer has been presented

VENTICELL24. 6. 2011

At the end of May 2011, after a several-year lasting patient development and many user consultations, the company management and first customers were acquainted with a completely new MMM Group product ...

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Important patent success

Important10. 6. 2011

In past days, our company received a patent document. The patent certificate no. 7645429 B2 has been granted by the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE  ....

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Dyntec Terezín spol s r. o.

Dyntec Terezín spol s.r.o.7. 6. 2011

Dyntec to the greatest medicines manufacturer in the Czech Republic.. The medicines, and especially vaccines, have had a long and successful national and international tradition. The company follows the tradition and has been developing dynamically the production of Czech medicines both for the local market and export. ....

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Saudi Arabia and MMM Group

Saudi Arabia and MMM Group7. 6. 2011


At present, Saudi Arabia is a country of many changes, differences and huge business potential. About half of the population has not reached 25 years of age! Many of us could certainly envy the permanently warm and sunny weather with temperatures between 20°C and 45°C,....

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Sales success in Tunisia

Sales success in Tunisia4. 6. 2011

The sentence “You are at the top one time and then down at another time” can be applied quite well to our sales results in one of our recently successful territories – the Tunisian market.   ....

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Hospitalar 2011, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Hospitalar 2011, Sao Paulo, Brasilien30. 5. 2011

Hospitalar 2011, an important trade fair in Sao Paulo (South America) held on 24 – 27 May, 2011, was also attended by our company. ....

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Audit from China

Audit from China13. 5. 2011

Quite unusual audit was performed in BMT from 9 to 11 May, 2011. A supervisory pressure vessels audit was performed after five years...

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Interphex 2011

interphex_uvod.jpg4. 4. 2011

Interphex 2011, the traditional and greatest exhibition of pharmaceutical device and equipment suppliers, was held on 29–31 March, 2011 in New York. ....

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Another successful participation in PITTCON

pittcon_uvod.jpg22. 3. 2011

Pittcon is the traditionally greatest laboratory technique exhibition in the United States, encompassing the whole North and South America.. ....

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Arablab 2011

arablab_uvod.jpg20. 3. 2011

ArabLab 2011, the greatest Near- and Middle East exhibition of laboratory technology, was held on 7–10 March, 2011 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). . ....

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Arab Health 2011

Arab_health_uvod15. 2. 2011

Arab Health 2011, the 36th international exhibition of medical technology was held on 24 – 27 January, 2011.  ....


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Zdravookhraneniye (Health Care – 2010), Moscow

Zdravoochranenije27. 1. 2011

Health Care - 2010, the traditionally greatest exhibition of medical equipment on the Russian market was held in Moscow on 6-10 December ...

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Warmcomm 3 SW On-Line Support - new service for you

warmcomm support7. 1. 2011

You have bought Warmcomm 3.0 - communication software for laboratory dryers and incubators. You can use our direct support ...


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