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Washer Disinfectors for Medical Usage

  • safe, reliable and economic
  • chamber volume from 170 to 500 litres for basket washers
  • chamber volume 4200 l and 5600 l for container washers
  • microprocessor control, easy and well-organised operation
  • wide selection of accessories
  • exceptional washing skills
  • perfect drying
  • high speed
  • easy and intuitive attendance

    The new washing disinfectors UNICLEAN SL represent an ideal selection for one-day surgery centres, clinics and surgeries in policlinics, in surgery departments of hospitals distant from CSSD and at dentists. The wide range of carriages, washing baskets, their insertions and accessories specially designed for fulfilment of various needs of end users allows extensive use of devices in preparation of sanitary instruments based on thermo disinfection or thermo-chemical disinfection. Thermo disinfection is a recommended and most efficient method for disinfection of repeatedly used sanitary equipment. The European regulations strictly recommend use of thermo disinfection whenever possible. So as it is possible to satisfy all and any requirements of regulations in different countries related to thermo disinfection, the process of thermo disinfection is considered to be successful in case of reaching the temperature of 93° C and its keeping for required time period, which is variable for each individual cycle depending on items to be treated. Heat-sensitive instruments should be treated and disinfected only by thermo-chemical disinfection.