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Dry heat sterilizer Stericell BMT

All information about dry heat sterilizers 

A dry heat sterilizer is the simplest and most effective method of dry heat sterilization for medical tools that helps to preserve their wholeness and physical features. The principle of this device’s operation is based on the circulation of the dry and hot air inside the chamber that is made of stainless steel or other heat-resistant material. In this case, the germicide is the dry heat that has excellent penetrating features for almost all materials. Dry heat sterilizers  are used in dentistry, in different fields of medicine, in laboratories, in the industry etc. 

Dry heat sterilizer



Specific features of dry heat sterilizers

The dry heat sterilization process doesn’t require any human participation. A dry heat sterilizer requires only setting-up the time and the temperature. Some models of the dry heat sterilizer require only selecting the needed program. All the rest is done in the automatic mode. 

Thanks to the special ventilation system, the air in the chamber of the dry heat sterilizer is heated quickly and evenly, and that helps to preserve sterilized objects. 

The maintenance system that is based on microcontrollers’ supports the stable temperature during the whole process of the dry heat sterilizer’s operation. It doesn’t allow the fluctuation of the temperature or overheating. 

Besides the microprocessor system of the temperature control, medical dry heat sterilizers are equipped with the reserve system that is based on the thermostat and that works independently from the main system. 

Simplicity of the medical dry heat sterilizer’s construction provides the ideal disinfection as well as the quick and effective cleaning of the chamber. 

Some models have the option of switching to the PC for documentation of sterilization process or for correction of parameters. 

You can sterilize objects in the package and without it, in grilled containers.  

Effectiveness of sterilization directly depends on the free access of the air to objects that’s why you must correctly load the chamber. 


Advantages and disadvantages of dry heat sterilizers 

According to their features, medical dry heat sterilizers can be compared with autoclaves. However, they have some additional advantages. Unlike the vapor used for autoclaves’ sterilization, the hot and dry air in a dry heat sterilizer prevents corrosion of metal tools and erosion of glass surfaces. Dry heat sterilizers manufacturers offer significantly cheaper prices if compared with autoclaves manufacturers. Expenses for their usage are also lower. 

Drawbacks of dry heat sterilizers, if compared with autoclaves, are higher temperatures used in them. This fact reduces the list of sterilized items. Resin, textile, polymers and other appliances that cannot sustain high temperatures cannot be used. The list of packaging materials is also reduced. Paper, parchment, untreated cotton sheeting cannot be used. Before sterilization you must make sure that objects are really heat-resistant.    


Prices offered by dry heat sterilizers manufacturers. 

The price established by dry heat sterilizers manufacturers mainly depends on the brand and the volume of the dry heat sterilizer. Of course, foreign dry heat sterilizers manufacturers offer higher prices but it doesn’t mean that dry heat sterilizers made in your country are worse. 

STERICELL dry heat sterilizers have the chamber volume of 55 to 104 liters. The temperature range is from +10 to +250 C. It is the safe and reliable device that helps you to save your time, energy and efforts. It is delivered in the shortest term possible. Some STERICELL models can be built in walls. Many models of this line are equipped with sensors that control the opening of the door as well as with the especially developed software.