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ECOCELL – Optional equipment – ECO line

(please specify at ordering)

Door with a window and inner lighting (except for 22-L volume)
Serves to control the activity inside the chamber without the necessity of the unit door opening. The door has a three-layer heat-resistant window and heat-resistant bulbs. The lighting switch is located on the door.

Access ports Ø 25, 50,100 mm (Ø 100 mm not available in 22-L volume)
The diameter, number, and location of the access ports is optional. The metal access ports are closed from the outer side by a special plastic plug enabling cables passing through from the outer space into the chamber.

Door lockDoor lock
Mechanical lock is situated on the upper front surface of the door near the closing mechanism. It serves for the unit opening prevention by an unauthorized person.

Left hinged doorLeft hinged door (except for 22-L volume)
The door is a model with mirror symmetry to the right hinged door.

seaprate PT100 sensor
An additional freely movable sensor inside the chamber, by means of which the temperature inside the chamber or in the material can be measured. The sensor cables are connected to a connector located in the rear part of the unit.

WarmCommSpecial software WarmComm 3.0 B
The software is intended for recording the temperature regulation course in the temperature cabinets. The data acquired during the regulation are displayed in form of a graph (where the horizontal and vertical axis shows the time and acquired data, respectively). The program allows regulation monitoring in real time, saving the regulation course to a file on a disc, and viewing the formerly created files. The WarmComm 3.0 Basic software allows data monitoring of more than 10 connected units.

Stainless steel unit jacket AISI 304
High design quality and long service life of the unit