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FORMOMAT - detailed description


Convincing technology

Every thing has its form and every thing needs its time. Particularly heat sensitive instruments with specific sizes and desing need highly qualified processing ensuring gentle care of instuments and perfekt sterilization at the same time – also for items with long lumens.

The new MMM sterilizer series of Formomat features an optimized LTSF-method including economical, technological and organizational advantages. Examples: variable temperature process (55 – 75 °C),simple operation thanks to a new design of the MMM panel, clearly arranged documentation, ecomical use of consumables and process validation with real instruments. The Formomat sterilizer offers many outstanding features that will convince you.

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Perfect sterilization without residues

The new MMM Formomat features a low temperature LTSF sterilization method at 55 °C, 60 ° or 75 °C which suitable  for all kinds of temperature sensitive objects. Even extremely long and narrow lumens can be safely sterilized inside.

The MMM Formomat has been officially certified to sterilize lumens of 1,5 m length with inner diameter of 2 mm by standard cycles, even at 55 °C. Biological testing is made with the same indicators as used in steam sterilization i. e. Bac. stearothermophilus. Due to its unique construction incluling external chamber and door heating by electrical heating mats, inside turbo fan and powerful vacuum system, the Formomat delivers perfect sterilization results without leaving any residues on the instruments or the chamber surfaces. The sterilized items are ready to be used immediately after the sterilization cycle. No additional aeration is required.

Unparalleled cost-efectiveness.

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Fully developed details

CSSD integration:

As the Formomat sterilizer meets highest safety standards, it can be integrated into a CSSD without any problem,  which is a further advantage: optically uniform sterilizer

front, easy to clean and easily integrated in a network. Thus  120 a clear separation of the clean and the sterile area.


Flow evaporator:

The flow evaporator ensures even distribution of the agent  concentration within the chamber – regardless of the load.  This allows reliable sterilization of even complex instruments with long lumens.


Program configuration:

The control system of the  Formomat can be configured in such a way that the oper-

ation requires user identifi- cation first. To add further process safety, any illegal mani-pulation of parameters is prevented by access protection.


Liquid ring vacuum pump plus gas ejector

The gas ejector allows the reliable achieving of deep vacuum switching points. An additional heat exchanger between  chamber outlet and vacuum pump considerably reduces the cycle time.


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Unparalleled cost-efectiveness

The MMM Formomat sterilization cycles require just 2 litres of 2 % formaldehyde solution and 2 litres of demineralized water. Thanks to the easy-to-use bottling equipment supplied by MMM, hospitals can provide the 2 % formaldehyde themselves.Thus no expensive sterilization media has to be purchased or imported from abroad.  The MMM Formomat is simple to install as it does not require any

exhaust pipe, gas combustion or additional aeration cabinet.


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Powerful features

  • Approved sterilization method according to latest European standards for LTSF sterilization EN 14180.
  • Fully automatic cycle run. Cycle documentation by integrated printer. Optional cycle documentation via PC and A4 print-out.
  • Low sterilization temperatures for heat sensitive instruments, as of 55 °C, 60 °C and optional 75 °C.
  • All cycles suitable for long and narrow lumens. Standardized PTFE test device with 1.5 m length, inner diameter 2 mm.
  • Biological testing with Bac. stearothermophilus indicators.
  • Even temperature and media distribution due to chamber and door heating by electrical heating mats and built-in fan.
  • No formaldehyde residues due to effective steam flushing and alternating venting and vacuum, additionally supported by built-in fan.
  • Low sterilization media comsumption per cycle (2 L of 2 % FO solution + 2 L of demineralized water).
  • FO starter kit including bottles, plugs, caps, labels and speciál plier allow self-sufficient supply of sterilization media from hospital pharmacy.
  • Instrument packing with sterilization instrument wrapping foil.
  • Powerful vacuum pump with gas ejector and heat Exchange considerably reduce cycle times.
  • Digital display of remaining cycle time.
  • Cycles are reproducible and validatable with real instruments.

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