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Incubators with forced air circulation

The principle of operation is based on a patented fine air ventilation via fan in an electrically heated chamber. The patented thermodynamic system – thermal screw – ensures creation of a homogenous air stream that spirally rises inside the working chamber. Due to the natural tempering from the bottom up this process simulates nature processes and ensures both an optimal heating of materials and a high precision of the temperature profile in the chamber with minimum energy consumption. Through the system of air convection in the rear and side walls these units ensure a homogenous hot air mixture and an exact temperature profile.




Suitable for safe treatment of microbiological cultures. The INCUCELL line produces no noise and provides a very soft air convection within the chamber, the variant INCUCELL V (with a fan) has an advantage of more precise temperature distribution with small deviations. These devices can be used especially in biological and microbiological laboratories, duality tests in pharmacy, cosmetics and testing in veterinary medicine and food processing industry.

  • Internal dim. of the chamber: 22,  55, 111, 222, 404, 707 litres
  • Working temperature: from 10 °C above ambient temperature ap to 100 °C
  • Inner glas door
  • Interior:  stainles steel, mat No.1.4301 (AISI 304)

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