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Incubators with forced air circulation and cooling

The principle of operation is based on a fine forced air circulation combined with a patented powerful cooling system situated in the chamber. A unique system of air circulation within the chamber ensures a silent run and a fine heating of samples. A unique cooling system together with a multiprocessor control unit offers a precise and economical simulation of some natural processes and reduces the evaporation of samples. 





The high technical standard of our FRIOCELLincubators allows exact incubation processes both for variation and deviation. The units have very short recovery times and show an excellent manner in keeping the precise regulation. A unique cooling system ensures, that the samples are not dried while cooling. A high performance system of lighting ensures outstanding homogenous parameters for tests and growth conditions. These devices are desig ned for use in biotechnology, botany, food process ing industry, cosmetics, chemical industry etc.


  • Volume: 22, 55, 111, 222, 404, 707, 1212 litres
  • Working temperature: 0.0°C up to 100°C
  • Refrigerant: R 134a
  • Manual defrosting assembly
  • Inner glass door
  • Interior: stainless steel, mat. No. 1.4301 (AISI 304)

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