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Incubators with natural air circulation and CO2 atmosphere

The principle of operation is based on a fine gravity convection of operating gas in an electrically heated chamber at a high relative humidity and a preset gas concentration. A unique system of chamber and door heating eliminates the need of a fan and in this way reduces the risk of mutual sample contamination resulting from vibrations and from the forced operating atmosphere circulation. Operation with the CO2, event. O2 and NO2 atmosphere is possible.




The series CO2CELL is suitable for research and growth of cell and other cultures and it is also frequently used in the sphere o IVF. The unique system of the chamber and door heating eliminates the need of fan and thereby the contamination risk for samples caused by vibrations and forced circulation of the atmosphere. The series CO2CELL allows the operation both in the CO2 atmosphere and with O2 and NO2. The operation of the CO2CELL incubators is based on the smooth gravitational flow of the operation gas in the electrically heated chamber with high relative humidity and selected gas concentration. The units’ operation is noiseless. As a standard the protective CO2 atmosphere is used, according to customer’s wishes also O2 or NO2 can be applied. The CO2 concentration in the chamber is detected by means of an infrared sensor with the automatic calibration cycle. The units are provided with a standard (with LED display) or comfort (with graphical LCD display) microprocessor control unit.


  • chamber volume: 50 and 190 litres
  • working temperature: 5 °C above ambient temperature up to 50 °C
  • measuring with CO2- infrared sensor
  • stabile humidity 95 % or 97 % RH
  • wide range of variants and accessories
  • interface for printer or PC-communication 

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