Joint Success of Heating Technology and Steam Sterilizers on World Markets

Pharmaceutical autoclaves

Production of the heating technology line, incl. Venticell® IL industrial line and steam sterilizers for laboratories and pharmaceuticals within a single company is a unique matter ...

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The Largest Laboratory Equipment Trade Fair in the USA with our Participation Again


At the end of March, we have traditionally participated - through our subsidiary BMT USA Ltd. - in the largest laboratory equipment fair for the American continent ...

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The Estonian Unit of the Mobile Field Hospital Uses the UNISTERI HP Sterilizers


On April 15, 2019, the largest medical exercises in the history of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) were completed at several sites in Romania under the auspices of the Romanian Armed Forces ...

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Our New Success in the Thai Market

BMT Thailand

Thailand belongs together with China and South Korea to stable and dynamically developing markets of the South-East Asia. For us, these three countries have been very important business partners for many years ...

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Heating Technology Door Closure Acquired the US Patent

Patented Solution

The heating technology devices have undergone visible innovation in recent years and every innovation includes protection of proper and original solutions. The door closing mechanism represents an important construction element of the heating technology devices. ...

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Centre of Specialised Medical Care in Moscow


The Central Sterilization Department of the Scientific and Practical Centre of Specialised Medical Care for Children of V. F. Jaseneckyi in Moscow (Russia) was equipped with two SELECTOMAT sterilizers in the end of the year 2018. ...

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Farmtech Exhibition 2018, Moscow

Farmtecg 2018

In the second half of November, the most significant exhibition of devices and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry in the Russian market of Farmtech 2018 was held again in Moscow ...

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