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Products & Services for Steam Sterilization Process

steam Sterilizer

MMM Group has been the leading supplier of high quality sterile processing system. Since 1954, we have been focused on promoting good health in almost every part of the world. We supply a wide range of disinfection and sterilization products and services. Our products can be beneficial for almost every healthcare branch in hospitals and research institutes. Our products are also used in the pharmaceutical industry. For many years, MMM Group has been a symbol of both innovation and quality in the global market. 

Overview of Steam Sterilization Process

MMM Group supplies both small and large steam sterilizers. Here’s an overview of the steam sterilization process used by both :

Small Steam Sterilizer - For a wide range of applications, MMM Group provides table-top small steam sterilizers. Saturated water steam at a specific temperature, exposure and pressure is used for the sterilization process. Most of the time, temperature between 121-134 degree celsius is applied. The exposure time is between 4-60 minutes. The actual steam sterilization process is carried out in a closed pressure chamber manufactured from stainless steel. You don’t have to connect these units to discharge piping or water supply. 

Large Steam Sterilizer - MMM Group also supplies a wide range of large steam sterilizers with various applications in laboratories, pharmacies, food and chemical processing industry. The steam sterilization process used by large steam sterilizers is the same as mentioned above.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to small and large steam sterilizers and other medical devices, there are various requirements which need to be considered. Most of these requirements are related to montage, common operation, checking operation properties, permanent securing and more. 

Conformity with standards and high quality results can only be achieved by introduction of a certified and exceptional system of customer service. Our products and services have always been considered high quality by clients in almost every part of the world. Our abilities, creativity and experience allow us to satisfy all the conditions.