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The STERICELL line is characterized by a quiet run and fine forced air circulation in the chamber. It can be used to achieve a perfect and safe drying, heating and sterilization of materials in a laboratory. The chambers are available in 22, 55, 111, 222, and 404 liters volume sizes. The volume size 404 liters is also available in form of a two-door (open-through) model that can be built in a wall. The patented system of air circulation in the chamber ensures a quick and accurate achievement of the required temperature in the chamber, which guarantees an ideal process of samples heating. The STERICELL line offers high operation comfort, precise regulation and short times of temperature equalization in the chamber after opening the door. It is therefore suitable for demanding and accurate tests and procedures. As compared to the VENTICELL line, the STERICELL line is equipped both with sensors controlling the door opening, an air flap valve and special software. By this solution, the influence of careless operation on the safe result of the sterilization cycle has been excluded. The individual batches records can be printed by means of a printer, or saved in a PC.

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