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SELECTOMAT SL - detailed description

Quality with a certificate

Reliable, gentle and economic: that is how steam sterilizers of Selectomat SL series process all kinds of hospital goods: solid and porous goods, heat sensitive plastics and textiles as well as liquids in open or loosely closed bottles. It goes without saying that the Selectomat SL meets all European standards and forward-looking quality requirements such as EN 285, EN 554, EN ISO 11134 etc.

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Easy recording

Steam sterilizers of the Selectomat SL series are available in a great variety of chamber sizes ranging from 160 to 1.280 litres and with a multitude of useful features. All important parameters of the sterilization process are measured redundantly and separately from the machine control system and recorded accordingly. The integrated batch printer then produces the detailed batch protocol, which serves both for the control of the sterilization safety and as proof in terms of European quality standards.

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Resource management

Optimized program cycles and the use of components with low consumption guarantee a high operating efficiency.

By means of the integrated water saving system and the specific preheating device of the chamber, we have managed to realize an innovative resource management in the Selectomat SL. It allows you to reduce the consumption of power and water by up to 80 % compared to similar machines.

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Service – time is money

If necessary, our service teams all over the world are available within no time. In addition, the integrated self diagnostics and service program help to reduce considerably the maintenance and service costs.

The result: downtimes for service reasons and subsequent service costs are cut to a minimum.

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Designed for reliability

Selectomat SL has been designed to meet the highest demand in terms of economy, functionality and user-friendliness. The sterilization chamber is made of high quality stainless steel (AISI 316 Ti and AISI 316 L) and is a warranty for the sterilizer´s longevity and robustness in a harnd day-to-day businness. It´s efficient insulation helps to reduce the loss of heat to a minimum and to save operating costs at the same time.

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Independent steam supply

The integrated electric steam generator of Selectomat SL sterilizer makes steam sterilization independent from the steam supply on site. It´s high performance and thermal degasification device make for excellent steam quality and short cycle times. The result: fast sterile throughput and ideal operating cost efficiency.

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Clear menu quidance

The ergonomically integrated 8.2"  touch screen makes operation extremely easy. The program menus are clearly laid out and mostly self-explanatory. All relevant parameters such as temperature, pressure and remaining cycle time are displayed during the on-going cycle run.

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Extensive program variety

Apart from standard programs for the sterilization of solid and porous goods at 134 °C or 121 °C, Selectomat SL offers special programs for the treatment of orione and for disinfection at 105 °C. A further 7 programs can be adju- sted individualy to your specific requirements.

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Great loading options

Special trays, containers, insert racks and loading trolleys tailored to fit the various models of Selectomat SL allow optimized utilization of the chamber volume and facilitate chamber loading and unloading with different goods.

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Selectomat SL - Standard equipment

  • Integrated electric steam generator with automatic scouring device
  • Water saving vacuum pump
  • Special chamber jacket for improved chamber preheating and reduction of demineralized water consumption
  • Ceramic bead blasted inner chamber walls
  • Chip card reader
  • Touch screen 8.2²
  • Display of remaining cycle time
  • Sterilization chamber, doors and heated chamber jacket are made of high quality CrNiMo steel (AISI 316 TI / AISI 316 L)
  • Low-noise thermo-printer for batch documentation
  • RS 232 interface

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Selectomat SL - Options

  • Condensate cooling device
  • Stainless steel valves
  • Additional pressure gauge on loading and unloading side
  • Warm-up function
  • Tropical execution
  • Special voltage
  • Chamber inserts
  • Chamber inserts for trolley docking
  • Chip card
  • Accessories such as trays, baskets etc.
  • Transport and loading trolleys

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Sterilization programs

Standard programs:

Preheating 134 °C Short-time preheating program

Universal 134 °C Wrapped devices, sterilization time: 7 min

Universal Container 134 °C Wrapped devices with super drying, sterilization time: 7 min

Rubber 121 °C Wrapped devices made of glass, rubber of plastics, sterilization time: 20 min

Tools fast Unwrapped devices, sterilization time: 4 min


Special programs:

Prions 134 °C Sterilization time: 60 min

Disenfection 105 °C Disinfecting time: 20 min

Solutions 121 °C Liquids in open bottles, sterilization time: 20 min


Test programs:

BD test 134 °C Steam penetration test, holding time: 3.5 min

Vacuum test Air leakage test, checking the tightness of the entire system

Service Service program for easy control and maintenance


Further programs can be set to customer requirements. Customized programs can be stored on chip cards and entered by means  of the chip card reader integrated in the operating panel. For the sterilization of medical devices, the selected process must be validated.

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