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Stainless steel furniture

  • Nerezový nábytekfirst-class design, quality and styling
  • more than 100 models and types
  • job order production
  • optimum use of space
  • top-quality materials and design components
  • complete services, incl. bearing and assembly

In 2000, on the basis of our customers’ wishes, we made the best of our inland and foreign experiences and our competence as a traditional producer of sterilizers and prepared a novelty four You – modular collection of stainless steel furniture.

Shortly after being launched to the market our stainless steel furniture became very popular with professional public and now it is an inseparable part of integral deliveries of investment units. The offered furniture collection is being extended every month according to new customers’ requirements and at present it contains more than 100 models and types.


The furniture is suitable especially for departments of central sterilization, sub-sterilization, washing, wrapping and preparation of material, stocks of sterile material, veterinary consulting rooms and laboratories, nevertheless it can also be used in a kitchen and in rooms for food preparation.


On top of that the made-to-measure manufacturing and the possibility of delivery of atypical units, e.g. pass through box, pass through window... or stainless steel separation walls, goes without saying.


All colours, shapes and dimensions go together – advantage of a one supplier’s delivery.
Our knowledge and experience, competence as a producer of sterilizers and the developed production quality systems (ISO 9001, ...) utilized for the development, production and servicing of stainless steel furniture are the guaranty of its high utility value, top quality, styling and perfect manufacturing. 


Acquaint yourself with our stainless steel furniture collection and with the possibility of complex delivery of investment units in the section - Services.