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Standard line

Standard panel

Versatile Standard line with microprocessor control unit:

  • The Standard-line series is provided with a microprocessor control unit. Information on the process is displayed on a clearly arranged LED display. The control elements are located on a foil keyboard. The Standard-line displays the actual temperature and CO2 concentration in the chamber and is provided with a visual and acoustic alarm for easier watching of the process run. The function of the CO2 sensor is extended by an automatic programmable calibration, which simplifies the calibration process to a minimum of procedures executed by the operator. As a standard, the CO2CELL 50 incubator is provided with a seamless chamber. The special system of heated double door enables observation of the samples inside the chamber without disturbing the atmosphere inside the chamber.
  • contamination risk avoided by using no fan
  • 2x3 LED display
  • continuous indication of actual temperature value and CO2 concentration
  • acoustic and visual alarm in error state
  • infrared CO2 senzor with exact output with no influence of chamber humidity
  • independent safety thermostat
  • CO2 HEPA filter
  • seamless inner chamber with fully rounded corners
  • trial heating system for quick recovery after door opening
  • semi-automatic CO2 zeroing system
  • high temp decontamination )