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STERIVAP HP - detailed description


Prestigious Awards

Grand Prix 2006 (CZ)

STERIVAP HP of BMT a.s. was placed justly among the award-winning products in the Grand Prix Pragomedica competition for an excellent new product. An expert jury consisting of important personalities from the given branch of industry awards prestigious prizes to the best products that meet the hardest technical and user criteria and find their place at the world markets.


HOSPIMedica Award 2006 (CZ)

At the international fair of medical technology, rehabilitation and health Hospimedica 2006, BMT won the top award in the competition for a technically best product; STERIVAP HP won its category.



Design 2007 (CZ)

The prestigious prize "Design 2007" is awarded within the National Design Award. The assessed criteria include, in addition to the visual appearance, the user comfort, innovation, economy, ecological aspects and contribution to the device operation as such. STERIVAP HP belongs to the absolute top just in these criteria.



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Universal, Actively Demonstrable Quality

CE_0123.jpgThe machines are manufactured in certified quality system according to European Directive for manufacturing of medical devices No. 93/42/EEC according to regulation No. 2007/47/EC (medical instruments class IIb), pressure chamber and steam generator are designed according to European Directive No. 97/23/EC or in case of individual requirement according to standards ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1 (for USA and Canada) or according to licence rules AQCIQ (for China). The instruments fulfil requirements of many technical standards as e.g. EN 285+A2, and they are may be validated according to the EN ISO 17 665-1.

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Individually Built Sterilization Technique

STERIVAP HP is designed for the sterilisation of solid, porous, plastic materials and solutions in open bottles. The basic version of the device comes with a utilizable volume of 148 – 1490 litres.

The STERIVAP HP sterilizer – safe, quick, ergonomically designed, easy to handle, with possibility of individual Morici cations and with versatile use.

The superior production quality, modern electronic and high quality materials are in case of STERIVAP HP equally obvious as the user properties or extraordinary safety and reliability level.

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Intelligent Systems of Media and Working Timesavings

  • unique divided double sterilization chamber jacket for better and more accurate sterilization cycle processing with an independent and stable system of chamber preheating, which reduces the demi-water consumption by approx. 20%
  • outer insulating jacket of the sterilising chamber with high quality insulation, which reduces substantially the heat losses, saves the energy
  • standard built-in device for saving of water for suction pump, which saves ca 15% of water running costs
  • steam generator with the microprocessor automatic, with the unique construction, with the high performance, with the thermal deaeration of the demi-water for minimisation of the non-condensed gases and with the automatic desalinisation secures short times of the sterilising cycles and permanently high steam quality
  • function “Automatic morning putting-on“ is other from many economical products, which will save the operating personnel working time; the device will be put on at the predefi ned time without the operating personnel presence, it will be
  • automatically preheated and makes the vacuum test, and so it is prepared for operation on the start of user working time

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Coherent Constructional Solution, Production Machining and Design

  • well-arranged, ergonomic placed control panels
  • easy intuitive control and service
  • modern and ergonomic horizontal chamber positioning
  • possibility to use the comfortable transport and charging equipment for all types
  • automatic sealing and motoric door movement
  • service only from the front and one optional side wall
  • possibility of the right and left version for optima space use
  • robust divided stainless-steel skeleton, with possibility of door opening of 1 000 mm
  • motoric sterilisation chamber door control with an unique spring mechanism without counterweight, with double security door protection (security bar and coupling)
  • simple mechanical fi lters on the media inputs for the valve and air pump protection
  • bacteriologic fi lter for fi lling the sterilisation chamber by air (0,1 μm)
  • watertight outlet supply – for the reason of humidity elimination in the instrument area are all pipes connected into a common reservoir, insulated from the ambient
  • tubular distributions and the valves transporting steam into the sterilisation chamber and demi water into the built-in steam generator are standard made from the stainless steel
  • powerful, noiseless air pump for higher effi ciency and reliability (two-stage for the 446 to 669 types)

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Modular System

  • single and double (passing through) door version (type 446–6618 vertically and type 9612– 9621 horizontally sliding door)
  • stainless steel device facing sheets are against the standard solutions hardened by frame ensuring the extended lifetime and noiseless device operation
  • easy access into the device is secured by lockable door panels
  • own, external and combined steam source
  • more than 60 optional specifi c additives (e.g. a possibility of chamber equipping by a fl exible PT 100 sensor for safe and accurate cycles controlling dutiny the work with microbiological cultures and solutions, a possibility of building-in the device for the aftercooling of condensate, a possibility of adaptation for decontamination of materials, pressure gauges, a range of individual programmes modification, …)


See more for Optional Equipment >>

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Unique Microprocessor Control

  • the highest possible operational safety, double systém of process data collection and evaluation and continual comparison and evaluation of these data
  • any detected deviation above the permitted value activates the error message
  • two built-in microprocessor control systems (Master and Slave) for independent evaluation, control and documentation of working cycles
  • unlimited number and easy modifi cation of programs by means of chip cards
  • unique error protocol for precise and quicker error diagnostics
  • up to 20 standard programmes in basic software
  • easy individual programme modifi cation
  • more than 80 service programs for easy set-up, calibration, diagnostics and service

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The Highest Safety for Sterilization of Solutions

Besides the standard operation and safety procedures and processes, the sterilization of solutions is monitored also by three independent systems – chamber temperature and pressure check, temperature in the reference bottle check and the minimum time necessary for the sterilization cycle check.

Only if the conditions of all three mentioned processes are met, the program is declared as finished and the system allows to open the chamber door.


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Pressure Sterilization Chamber

  • the massive chamber, door and the heating jacket are made from high-quality stainless steel AISI 316 L
  • cambered sterilization chamber bottom for perfekt drying
  • standard surface of the sterilizing chamber– polishing of the chamber internal surface Ra 1,25 μm (Ra 50 μinch); optional polishing with roughness Ra 0,8 μm (Ra 32 μinch) or polishing into the mirrorlustre with surface roughness Ra 0,125 μm (Ra 5 μinch)
  • perfect Rockwool thermal insulation with thikness of 125 mm together with the third external insulating jacket
  • as a standard, all chambers are provided with two easily accessible input nozzles for validation with the diameter of 25 and 50 mm
  • the motor driven door with a spring system without counterweight is provided by two independent safety systems – a contact bar and clutch with an adjustable slip force
  • on demand, we make the chamber passivation (pickling)

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High Power Steam Generator

  • the steam generator is made from the high-quality stainless steel AISI 316 Ti, optional AISI 316 L
  • high-quality Rockwool insulation and external insulating jacket reduce the thermal losses considerably
  • thermal de-aeratio


    n of the demi-water for minimizing the content of non-condensed gases in the steam generator
  • the function of water fi lling and the steam generátor power are controlled and monitored by the control system Master and Slave

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New Control Panel with an Intuitive Control

  • modern technology of the touch display “touch-screen” 12“ with ergonomically adjustable panel ensures the transparent and easy operation on the charging device side
  • on the discharging device side (in case of two-door version) the display “touch-screen“ with possibility of monitoring
  • the actual working phase and pressure in the sterilization chamber
  • control panels located outside the thermally exposed zone
  • two built-in microprocessor control systems (Master and Slave) with own sensors for independent working cycles evaluation, control and documentation
  • “total stop“ function integrated into the control panel, enables, in case of need, the device putting into the idle condition
  • built in printer for sterilization processes documentation
  • possibility of choosing the language for communication with the device
  • transparent digital displaying of vapour pressure in the sterilization chamber jacket and in the steam generator, of pressure and temperature in the sterilization chamber (reference bottle)
  • clock – indication of remaining programme time and indication of real time
  • “Errors history” – this function allows to display the last 20 error messages
  • print of error protocol with the record of all parameters at the moment of defect for a possibility of fast and remote service
  • visual and acoustic signalling of states and processes
  • “History of Protocols” – this function allows selection of required protocol from the history (10 recent protocols) and its printing or displaying of a record, pressure and temperature on the display (in graphic or numeric form)
  • “Complementary Comment” – the device allows for the service staff to write complementary comments regarding the individual programs respectively cycles (e.g. name of the product, batch number, series number, etc.) to be contained even in the printer record
  • “Logging” (access rights) – the device allows setting of user rights for the device use – the mode “Free Use” and “Individual Access Rights”
  • standard counter of batches and another optional daily counter of batches

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Within the Basic Software Facility We Offer up to 20 Standard Programs

The steam sterilizers line STERIVAP HP can be used for sterilization of solid, porous and plastic materials and solutions in open bottles.

The sterilizer is standardly equipped with “Preheating program” (134 °C/1 min).


In basic program design we offer up to 20 standard programmes.


Standard, validated programs:

  • Unwrapped tools 134°C/4 min
  • Wrapped materials 134°C/7 min
  • Wrapped materials with intensive subsequent drying 134°C/7 min
  • Wrapped products of glass, rubber and plastics 121°C/20 min


Standard testing programs for routine testing:

  • Vacuum test
  • Bowie&Dick

The program equipment can be extended and modified by means of chip cards and special service software MOVEX.


Special programs with parametersaccording to the customer’sspecifications:

  • Prions 134°C/60 min
  • Disinfection 105°C/20min
  • Arnold 100°C and 75°C
  • Solutions in open bottles – 121°C/20 min, spontaneous cooling
  • Automatic starting the instrument at the morning – pre-heating and Vacuum test – without operator

Programs according to specific requirements must be validated at the customer’s!

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Charge Documentation

The transparent documentation of working cycles could be secured by:

  • independent documentation of working cycles with pressure and temperature recording, allowing the storage of the last 10 records in the sterilizer memory (up to tens of thousands optionally – SD card)
  • connection to a PC and storing the records in the computer memory by means of the “Printer Archiv” software
  • connection of the sterilizer to a computer network (LAN) together with the software application Ecosoft and DP 3.5
  • integrated printer allowing to select one of two graphic outputs

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Optional Accessories – Versatile Using

For the sterilizers there is available an extensive program of accessories – more than 60 other optional specificaccessories.

Systems for manual material inserting or systems of transport and charging carts are adapted according to sterilizer size, optional container system and sterilization baskets.

Modular system enables to build in the instruments into stainless steel partition walls. Symmetric semi-detached version of the instrument enables to combine two servicing spaces into one.

For sterilising of solutions the sterilizer can be equipped by movable temperature sensor PT 100 and dripping tank for solutions.

If the pressurised air or demi-water is not available, we offer supply of compressors or water treatment device.

If the pressurised air or demi-water is not available, we offer supply of compressors or water treatment device.


See more for Optional Equipment >>

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Offer of Clients Services

As well as Sterilization equipment we offer a further range of services, which are related to the building of central sterilization departments and sterilizations carried out by surgeries.

  • We are able to offer consultancy and project development including logistics and kapacity calculation
  • We are able to offer turn key supply of equipment including unified information systems
  • We offer the validation of the instruments (IQ, OQ, PQ) according to EN ISO 17 665-1 to our clients on place of installation. The tests are performed according to EN 285+A2 and according to the authorised methodologies by our accredited laboratory No. 1325.


Service and support for the equipment itself and for the users are covered by world-wide network of contractual organizations, BMT a.s. We organize regular training of service technicians and measure their ability before issuing a special certificate showing their ability to carryout service operations. We have an extensive network of recognised worksites connected to a HOT-LINE service, this ensures a quick reaction to client’s questions and requirements. In order to ensure a good quality service to the user and the possibility of fast service intervention we have developed a special auto diagnostic program.

We offer ON-LINE internet diagnostics and monitoring of sterilization device (RMS), which provides fast and direct communication with instrumentation and ensures a continuous, problem-free operation of the equipment within its installed site. This all guarantees low cost operation and long operational life of the system.

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Environmental Features

The device meets all present ecologic requirements. It does not burden the working conditions and environment. The outer cover of the insulated jacket of the sterilization chamber is manufactured using galvanizér sheet with a quality insulation beneath. This substantially reduces the thermal losses therefore saving electric energy. As standard the equipment has a built-in device which saves up to 20% of the water requirements consumed by the vacuum pump.

A uniquely divided double chamber jacket with a steam system allows pressurization of the sterilization chamber, this reduces the demi-water consumption by approximetly 20%. The steam generator is controlled by an automatic microprocessor system and as a standard it is equipped with a clarifying device.

In production we monitor the quality of the materials ensuring a long operational life of the device. The equipment is fitted with additional components that cool the waste water to a pre-set temperature before it enters the drainage systems. The production of the equipment and its process cycles are all based on environmentally friendly methods. All the substantial parts of the unit and packaging are recycled.

The unit is made up of 95% steel, 4% of other materials, 1% electric material and plastics. Ecologic liquidation is performed after the disassembling by the authorized person in accordance with EU regulation, which meets the Regulation WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment).

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