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Steam sterilizers line STERIVAP HP with chamber volume of 148 – 1490 litres (1 – 21 STM) finds application in medical material processing in sterilization worksites of various health care facilities.

Control with a modern colour large-area touch display, a standard equipment with 20 fixed programs, extendable thanks to chip card system with a possibility of connection to PC networks, with distant service for trouble-free remote control of the device´s check.

  • big, colour, tilting control panel “touch-screen” 12“ with maximal operating and service comfort
  • two-stage, high-performance, suction pump for short charges times, quick and accurate cycle processing
  • double-processor control by two independent “Master and Slave” systems for quick and accurate cycle processing
  • unique, patented, double chamber jachet with an independent and stable preheating
  • for economical operation and low media consumption
  • the device is produced from a high-quality stainless steel inclusive the solid, divided frame for the long-term lifetime and reliability
  • thermal deaeration for higher operation reliability and sterilization safety
  • on-line device monitoring
  • motor driven door with an unique spring system without counterweight
  • constructional modular system gives the possibility of individual device construction
  • ergonomic adjustable position of the touch control panel placed outside the thermally exposed zone secures
  • the high quality readability and easy operating personnel work regardless the fi gure height
  • forms simplicity and usefulness, high-quality surface of stainless-steel facing sheets enables the perfect hygiene
  • facing sheets, reinforced by divided, stainless steel frame grant the noiseless operation and extended device lifetime
  • manual and transporting and loading system guaranties the easy operating personnel work with sterilizing material
  • maximally effective use of internal sterilizing area


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