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STERIVAP SL - detailed description

Optimised Price/Utility Value Ratio

STERIVAP®SL is the right option for small health care units as well as for small central sterilization units, putting stress on small ground dimensions of the device and favourable price/utility value ratio.
Top production quality, modern electronics and high quality materials of the device STERIVAP®SL are as natural as the utility characteristics and exceptional safety and reliability level. The steam sterilizer STERIVAP®SL is designed for sterilization of solid, porous and cavity materials designed for steam sterilization with min. temperature of 121°C and solutions in open bottles. The basic version of the device with useful volume of 160–610 litres plus optional equipment offer will satisfy those interested in high-quality sterilization.



Technical and Legislative Standards

The device meets all and any European standards applicable to large steam sterilizers, mainly the standard EN 285+A2. For this purpose, the company BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. holds certification of the full quality management system according to the following regulations:

  • CE_0123.jpgstandard EN ISO 13485 and European regulation No. 93/42/EEC for health care means.
  • standard EN ISO 9001 for products and together with European regulation No. 97/23/EC, module H/H 1 for pressure devices.
  • standard EN ISO 14001, environmental management certificate.
    The accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1325 operates at BMT Medical Technology s.r.o.



New Structural Design

  • front-side service (no side service space needed)
  • robust pressure sterilization chamber with heated shell, the door and built-in steam generator made of high-quality stainless steel – used materials: AISI 316 Ti and AISI 316 L
  • down-take bottom of the sterilization chamber for perfect drying
  • blasted inner surface of the sterilization chamber
  • heat insulation of the sterilization chamber using a special insulation layer of Isover with thickness of 100 mm.
  • as a standard, all the sterilization chambers are equipped with two easily accessible inlet necks with diameter of 25 a 50 mm in compliance with EN 285+A2
  • robust stainless steel frame with max. width of 1000 mm
  • motive-power control of sterilization chamber door with a unique spring mechanism, with double safety door protection (safety lath and connection)
  • standard built-in steam generator is made of stainless steel as well as the heating bodies
  • tube distribution system bringing steam to the sterilization chamber – as a standard it is made of stainless steel, the valves are of brass
  • all the tube distribution units are heat insulated
  • powerful two-level quiet membrane for higher efficiency and reliability
  • simple mechanic filter at the feeding water input for valve and membrane protection
  • bacteriological filter for sterilization chamber aeration (0.1 μm)
  • integrated drain – so as to eliminate humidity in the device area, all the pipes lead to a common tank
  • one-door and two-door (interleaving) version (vertically movable doors), stainless steel sheeting of the device –compared to usual solutions, they are strengthened with a frame that extends the service life
  • access to the device – provided by lockable door panels
  • reinforced stainless steel sheeting for quiet operation



Intelligent system of Media Saving

  • built-in device for water saving for the membrane, reducing operation costs in as much as 15%
  • steam generator with microprocessor automatics and unique construction with automatic desalination provide high quality steam
  • the function “Automatic morning switch on“ represents another saving product to save your work time. The device starts in pre-set time without staff presence, it is automatically pre-heated and the vacuum test is performed.



New Control Panel with Intuitive Control

  • two built-in microprocessor PLC control systems (Master-Slave) with own sensors for independent assessment, sequencing and documentation of operation cycles
  • ergonomically located control panel
  • touch display technology “touch-screen” 8.2“ provides well-arranged and simple service on charging side
  • “touch-screen” 5“ on discharging side (in case of the two-door version)
  • “Emergency stop” function integrated in the control panel
  • built-in printer for documentation of sterilisation processes
  • USB connector on front side for easy transfer of data, programs, protocols, device configuration, etc...
  • possibility of language selection for communication with the device
  • well-organised digital displaying of pressure and temperature in the sterilization chamber (reference bottle), steam pressure in the sterilization chamber shell and in steam generator
  • hours – indicator of remaining program time and real time indicator
  • protocols history – integrated memory allows saving of as many and tens of thousands protocols (in graphic or numeric form)
  • history of faults – the function allows displaying of error messages on the display
  • additional comments – the device allows for the staff to write additional comments to individual programs, resp. cycles (e.g. product name, batch number, series number, etc.) to be included in the record from the printer as well.
  • logging – access rights allowing setup of user rights for use of the device
  • visual and acoustic signalling of status and processes
  • it allows selection of preferred pressure and temperature units
  • automatic start programming function
  • possibility of automatic door opening after the cycle finishing

STERIVAP SL sterilizer touch screen

STERIVAP SL sterilizer touch screen








We offer 50 program spots in basic program equipment

Touch screen - programyAs a standard, the device is equipped with ”Pre-heating Program“ (134°C/1min)


Standardní programy:

  • Unpacked tools 134°C/4 min
  • Packed tools 134°C/7 min
  • Packed materials with intensive additional drying 134°C/7 min
  • Packed products of glass, rubber and plastics 121°C/20 min


Special Programs with Parameters according to Client’s Specification:


  • Prions 134°C/60 min
  • Disinfection 105°C/20 min
  • Solution in open bottles 121°C/20 min, spontaneous cooling
  • “Arnold” 100°C
  • Laparo, allo-plastics, optics...
  • Extremely long cavities
  • Other special programs


Programs according to specific requirements must be validated at the client! Maximal safety during sterilisation of solutions – together with standard operation and safety procedures and processes, the solutions sterilization is checked by three independent systems – temperature and pressure control in sterilisation chamber, temperature in reference bottle and minimal necessary time of the sterilization cycle. Only based on fulfilment of all and any above stated processes the program is assessed as finished and the system allows for the chamber door to be open.


Standard Testing Programs for Routine Control:

  • Vacuum test – test of chamber air-tightness, balancing phase duration 5 min, test length 10 min
  • Bowie&Dick test 134 – test of steam penetration, 134°C/3.5 min




Batches Documentation

  • independent documentation of operation cycles with recording of pressure and temperature and many other parameters with the possibility of protocols saving in the sterilizer memory.
  • connection to PC and protocols saving in the computer memory using the “Printer Archive“ software
  • sterilizer connection to computer network (LAN) together with software application Ecosoft and DP 3.5
  • built-in printer with the possibility of selection of one or two graphic outputs
  • possibility of direct connection of an external printer (selected types) via USB, LAN.



Service Equipment

The PLC automatics of the device is equipped with extensive software for easy control, maintenance and testing (interactive schemes of tube connections, testing programs allowing testing of safety elements of the device, calibration settings, etc.).

The program equipment can be changed via the USB port, service software UNICONFIG. The program data values may be modified directly from the touch display. The device allows detailed planning of service operations with consequent warning on the display or on printer report. The USB port is designed for transfer of data, programs, export of protocols, device configuration, Audit trail, etc.



Optional equipment – Multiple accessories

Extensive accessories program is available for the sterilizers – more than 60 other optional specific accessories. 
The system of manual loading of materials or system of transport and charging carriages is adjusted to the sterilizers size, optional container system and sterilization baskets.


Client Service Arrangement

Together with standard suppliesof instrumentation, we offer a wide spectrum of services connected with development of central and chart room sterilization units.

  • consultancy and project processing including logistics and capacity calculations
  • supply of instrumentation including individual information systems “on turn key”
  • We offer performance of IQ and OQ validation tests to our clients on installation site and we also co-operate in arrangement of PQ and requalification tests. The tests are performed by our Accredited Laboratory No. 1325 in compliance with EN ISO 17665-1 and approved operation procedures.


User support and service are arranged in full by the global network of contractual organisation of BMT Medical Technology s.r.o.

We have an extensive network of brand service units connected to HOT–LINE service and providing prompt reaction to clients’ questions and requirements. A special auto-diagnostic program has been developed for user’s comfort and possibility of fast and high-quality service intervention.

We offer ON-LINE internet diagnostics and sterilization device monitoring (RMS) providing fast and direct communication with the instrumentation and arranging fluent and trouble-free operation of the work site. All these features guarantee low costs and long service life of the device.


Environmental Awareness

The device meets all and any current environmental requirements. It does not burden the work and living environment. The external insulation shell of the sterilization chamber is equipped with high-quality insulation significantly reducing thermal losses and saving electric power. The two-level quiet membrane with feeding water saving device built-in as a standard saves approximately 15% of operation costs. The unique construction of steam generator with automatic desalination provides short sterilization cycle times and stable high quality of steam.

High quality materials guaranteeing long service life of the device are used in manufacture. The device can be optionally equipped with a device for additional cooling of waste water allowing waste temperature setting. The device does not produce any harmful waste. Even its factory manufacture process is based on environment friendly methods of processing. All the significant parts of the device and package are recyclable.

The device consists of 95% of steel, 4% of other materials, 1% of electric material and plastics. Environment – friendly liquidation is performed after dismantling by an authorised person in compliance with EU regulations, corresponding with the WEEE regulation (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment).