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UNICLEAN SL M 8 - detailed description

Basic Characteristics

Control panel - UNICLEAN SL M 8

  • control panel with black and white, two-row LCD for easy service and checking the progress of the programme
  • the function of all important device modules and sensors is monitored by automatic diagnostics, and any detected errors are recorded and reported, and, where necessary, the current washing programme may be stopped
  • electrical water heating
  • two-level washing and drying system guarantees the process achieves a perfect result
  • two dosing pumps for chemical products, each with a flow meter and level sensor for convenient operation of the device
  • heavy washing pump ensures high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure
  • three-level filtration system for circulating water prolongs pump service life
  • integrated steam condenser that does not allow steam to escape from the chamber and into the workplace, thereby ensuring the comfort of operators
  • connection to printer or PC (RS 232 port) for monitoring the washing process



Programm Standard

  • 20 standard washing and disinfection programmes and 20 others ready to adapt to customer specifications
  • Direct choice of the most frequently selected programmes on the control panel:
  • P1 - short cycle, suitable for lightly soiled objects
    P2 - standard cycle, suitable for normally soiled objects
    P3 - intensive cycle, suitable for heavily soiled objects
  • other pre-set programmes can be accessed by using the push button P+
  • programmes specially optimized for various types of treated products, types of contaminant or washing methods (baby bottles, blood, BGA, microbiological, oils and petrol, thermal-chemical disinfection, enzymatic cleaning)
  • two short pre-set programmes for simple rinsing of treated products with cold water or for drying already washed objects
  • automatic basket recognition enables a pre-selected washing programme to start immediately, and also detects the correct position of the basket in the chamber



  • stable, robust stainless steel construction of the device and external jacket (AISI 304) ensure a long service life
  • chamber, washing arms and filter tanks made of high quality steel (AISI 316 L)
  • manually operated bottom-hinged stainless steel door to chamber
  • inclined chamber floor prevents water retention inside the chamber and accelerates drainage and drying
  • rounded corners and edges of the chamber facilitate easier washing and prevent the retention of contaminants





Control Panel

  • latest generation microprocessor control system manages and controls all device programmes and each of their phases
  • ergonomic control panel built into the device housing with a black and white, two-row LCD showing programme phase, current time and date, the control temperature and temperature regulation, the required temperature of the phase, the A0 value – control and regulation, remaining time of the washing cycle, and any error message from the device
  • Start and Stop push buttons on the main panel of the device
  • drying push button to skip the drying phase in the standard selected cycle
  • each time the control panel is pressed a sound signal is given
  • current status of the device is indicated by eight function LED diodes
  • batch documentation – connection to printer or PC (RS 232 port), or to computer network (LAN) together with the Ecosoft SW application
  • access to cycle parameters is password protected according to ISO 15883 -1/2


Optional Equipment

  • Hot air drying, 98 % DOP filter – device-integrated drying guarantees perfectly dry products at the end of the washing cycle
  • 18 l pre-heating tank with electrical heating – reduction of the total time of the programme by reduction of the time needed for water heating in the chamber
  • Increased heating output 8 000 W - reduction of time needed for washing water preheating
  • Two levels case for detergents for 5 l chemical containers - safe placement of chemicals
  • Dosing pump with flow meter and level sensor – in the case of using more chemicals it is possible to extend the standard configuration
  • Pilot pump for demi-water – elimination of problems with demi-water pressure
  • Glass window in door – for better monitoring of washing process
  • Water conductivity sensor – arrangement of perfect control of the process in the course of final rinsing
  • Stainless steel stand 600×560×600H mm - comfortable ergonomic servicing of the device
  • Box of stainless steel for the water purifier 300×630×840H mm - comfortable ergonomic servicing of the device
  • Integrated printer for documentation of processes (for UNICLEAN SL M 8 external) - comfortable and transparent way of washed batch registration
  • Alternative electrical connection: 3×220 V, 50 or 60 Hz - Hz or according to other customer specifications – solving the installation problems
  • Water softener – arrangement of required quality of water and economic operation and solving the installation problems
  • 10 l plastic tank of resin 500H mm with basic and overpressure valve, and conductivity system
  • 25 l plastic tank of resin
  • Water cleaning system – reverse osmosis – arrangement of required quality and economic operation and solving the installation problems


Optional Equipment, Baskets and Trays