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NEW - UNICLEAN SLUNICLEAN sl m 8 is designed specifically for installation in restricted premises, as a standalone device with front charging, suitable for placement below the trestle board. Thanks to its simple installation with necessary connection to electricity, cold water and water waste, the device is ideally suited mainly in small private surgeries, sub-sterilisations for thermal disinfection and instrument washing. After closing the manually-open tilting door, the washing process is automatically performed. This small model has built-in washing and drying on two levels, generally used in large devices. This device is ideal for reduction and elimination of professional risks caused by infectious material handling.

Basic equipment of washer disinfector UNICLEAN SL M 8

  • stable, robust stainless steel construction of the device and external jacket (AISI 304) ensure a long service life
  • chamber, washing arms and filter tanks made of high quality steel (AISI 316 L)
  • manually operated bottom-hinged stainless steel door to chamber
  • integrated steam condenser that does not allow steam to escape from the chamber and into the workplace, thereby ensuring the comfort of operators
  • two dosing pumps for chemical products, each with a flow meter and level sensor for convenient operation of the device
  • three-level filtration system for circulating water prolongs pump service life
  • connection to printer or PC (RS 232 port) for monitoring the washing process
  • control panel with black and white, two-row LCD for easy service and checking the progress of the programme
  • 20 standard washing and disinfection programmes and 20 others ready to adapt to customer specifications