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UNISTERI - detail description


Multilateral application, high productivity

New UNISTERI, with 73 litres effective volume, is designed for quick sterilization in health service establishments:

  • One-day surgical clinics and consulting rooms of policlinics to sterilitě all necessary materials: instruments, glass, textile, objects made of rubber,…
  • Surgical departments of the hospitals being too far from departments of central sterilization, particularly to optimize repeated use of necessary instruments
  • Health service clinics and first aid centers where quick sterilization sanitary material is necessary
  • Stomatological practices, where necessary material volumes cannot be treated by table-top types of sterilizers
  • Microbiological departments of health service establishments sterilize solutions in half-closed bottles, nutrient cultures,…

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Assemble your sterilizer according to your individual needs

  • With Built-in or an external steam source
  • Built-in means for saving of coonling water
  • Installation in a stainless wall in case of double-door type
  • System of manual and transport loading of material
  • Calling and storing arbitrary number of your special programs by means of the chip-card system except of application of standard sterilization programs
  • Provision of the unit with movable temperature sensor PT 100 to kontrol the process when sterilizing cultures and solutions in half-closed bottles
  • Built-in means for the condensate after-cooling to decrease the waste water temperature in case of use of plastic draining pipeline

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Professional quality and elaborated ergonomical design

  • Sterilization chamber with a heated jacket and a built-in steam generator made of high-quality stainless steel DIN 1.4571,
  • AISI 316 Ti
  • Valves, sensors and other parts made by world renowned producers
  • Built-in printer to document the sterilization cycle course - print of graphical record of pressure and temperature
  • Automatic microprocessor control by two microprocessors for safe and precise course of the sterilization cycles
  • Automatic sealing of vertically slidable door
  • Automatic system of steam generator demineralization
  • High output water ring vacuum pump ensuring fractional vakuum before sterilization
  • Doubled sensors of absolute pressure and temperature sensors PT100 for precise operation, check and independent documentation of the cycles
  • Mobile - for easy handling the unit dutiny assembly and service
  • Possibility to change the set up of parameters of the sterilization programs

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Also the luxury could be economical

The low consumption factor is refl ected in the models of the future. The more and more demanding legislative requirements, latiny emphasis on the introducing of secure products on the market and more and more rising prices of the input medias constitute a pressure to Rosiny the running costs of the sterilisation technique. Therefore, a hit and advantage of present age is a low consumption of the “cost saving” and also comfortably equipped sterilizers that more and more give a new trend in the premises of health-care facilities.

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Version with autonomous operation

The UNISTERI® steam sterilizer is normally equipped with the system for cooling water saving, by which application is reached the reduced water consumption by ca 25 %. In cases of strict requirements for low sterilizer running costs in the health-care facilities, fi eld hospitals or in regions with drinking water absence, this principle of cost savings is insuffi cient. We therefore offer a version with autonomous operation, which eliminates the need of connecting the device to the water source and therefore there arise no costs for the cooling water. The sterilizer is, in this version, additionally equipped with an integrated cooling aggregate, which is placed in the rear part of the device. The operation of this apparatus is fully controlled by the sterilizer automatics and does not require any operating personnel. The electrical energy and demi-water source for the integrated steam generator are suffi cient for the proper steam sterilizer operation. The supply of the steam generator by demi-water could be solved by a fi x interconnection to the water treatment apparatus or by an autonomous way, namely by a reservoir with the volume of ca 25 litres, from which is the demi-water supply controlled by the device automatics.

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Version with integrated steam/steam exchanger

The steam/steam exchanger allows the production of the medicinal steam, dedicated for sterilisation, without necessity of integrated electrical steam generator and its supply by powerful electrical source. The technical steam serves as a heat source in this case, which is very often available in the health-care facilities. As a consequence, this mode of steam production represents the lower running costs and cost savings thanks to the lower demands on electrical distribution system sizing.

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Version with the low consumption “cost saving” steam generator

It was succeeded, by a unique design solution, to reduce the energy intensity of the steam generator by ca 50 %. Normally, the input power of the steam generator with the integrated steam generator is 15.6 kW. Newly, it is possible to utilize the steam generators with the input power only 7.5 kW, which markedly saves the running cista and still offers the usage of sterilizer for the needs of a quick “fl ash” sterilisation with sterilisation cycle times from 17 minutes.

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Version with activation of the “Automatic morning switching-on” function

It is a next from the line of the cost saving products that you can order together with the device, and that will save your time. The “Automatic morning switching-on” function is able to start the device at a by you set time and to make, automatically, without operating personnel presence, the pre-heating and the Vacuum Test. Thus, it is possible to make the routine test programmes more effectively.

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Accessories securing the repote monitoring

Use the new software application “Euro SDS”, which, together with the connection of device on the sterilisation working place to the computer network (LAN) enables to document all sterilisation processes, to make an independent data storage and a remote monitoring of the devices (RMS) by company service.

We know about you and your requirements thanks to this system.

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Accessories securing the energy hump watching

It is a set of software and hardware sterilizer modifi cations that gives the possibility of a single or mutual operation regulation of the integrated steam generators so, that it is secured the energy hump watching and the communication with technical central offi ce or the possibility to limit the electrical distribution system sizing on the installation place.

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Equipment with the “SimCon” device

It is a special developed device that enables simultaneous connecting of the sterilizer to the computer network and of the bar-code reader. The universality of the equipment is an advantage in cases of implementation into older device types that are equipped by RS 232 serial port, what leads to the possibility to send the data related to the sterilisation process into the information system, securing the Charles documentation and remote monitoring.


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Equipment with the “Air Detector”

The “Air Detector” is a device, which monitors continuously and detects the air penetration and presence, eventually the non-condensable gases presence in the sterilisation chamber during each sterilisation programme for packed materials. The equipment of the device with this apparatus means the higher guarantee of the sterilisation security than the so far run routine checks by testing programmes (Vacuum Test and Bowie&Dick Test), which are made only once a day before the common operation mode.


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Sterilization programs

Quick sterilization - saving of time and number of your instruments

  • Instruments quickly 134 (Flash program) – unpacked instruments – 134 °C/4 min.
  • Universal 134 – packed materials – 134 °C/7 min.*
  • Universal containers 134 – packed materials with intensive final drying – 134°C/7 min.*
  • Rubber 121 – packed products made of glass, rubber and plastics – 121 °C/20 min.
  • Special – special program parameters according to the customer’s specifications (e.g. program for Solutions or Disinfection, etc.)
  • Bowie&Dick Test 134 – steam penetration test – 134 °C/3.5 min.
  • Vacuum test – chamber airtightness test – duration of equalization phase 5 min., duration of the test 10 min.
  • Service – service program for easy checking and maintenance


the sterilization time can be modified according to the relating legislature or specific request of a user


Information about selected programs, sterilization cycle phases and possible deviations are displayed on the double-line LCD display.

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Test of steam sterilizer – first step to validation of the sterilization process with humid heat

Due to necessity of proving the accordance of medical means by the manufacturer (importer) on the site of installation with standards EN 285:06 and EN ISO 17665- 1:06 we would like to offer the tests and validation carried out by our Accredited testing laboratory No. 1325.

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Offer of clients services

As well as Sterilization equipment we offer a further range of services. Service and support for the equipment itself and for the users are covered by world-wide network of contractual organizations BMT a.s. We organize regular training of service technicians and measure their ability before issuing a special certificate showing their ability to carryout service operations. We have an extensive network of recognised worksites connected to a HOT-LINE service, this ensures a quick reaction to client’s questions and requirements. In order to ensure a good quality service to the user and the possibility of fast service intervention we have developed a special auto diagnostic program. We offer ON-LINE internet diagnostics and monitoring of sterilization device, which provides fast and direct communication with instrumentation and ensures a continuous, problem-free operation of the equipment within its installed site. This all guarantees low cost operation and long operational life of the system.

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Environmental features

The device meets all present ecologic requirements. It does not burden the working conditions and environment. The outer cover of the insulated jacket of the sterilization chamber is manufactured using galvanizér sheet with a quality insulation beneath. ???This substantially reduces the thermal losses therefore saving electric energy. As standard the equipment has a built-in device which saves up to 80 % of the water requirements consumed by the vacuum pump.??? In production we monitor the quality of the materials ensuring a long operational life of the device.

The equipment is fitted with additional components that cool the waste water to a pre-set temperature before it enters the drainage systems. The production of the equipment and its process cycles are all based on environmentally friendly methods. All the substantial parts of the unit and packaging are recycled. The unit is made up of 95 % steel, 4 % of other materials, 1 % electric material and plastics. Ecologic liquidation is performed after the disassembling by the authorized person in accordance with EU regulation, which meets the Regulation WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment).

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Quality Control System

  • Certification of the quality management system according to EN ISO 9001 : 2000 and EN ISO 13485:2003.
  • Certification of the medical device manufacturer’s quality system according to the Directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Certification of the pressure device manufacturer’s quality system according to the Directive 97/23/EEC



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