Efficient, intelligent, exceptional

Steam sterilizer UNISTERI®HP IL represents a sterilization response to challenges of micro-organisms in the lab. Nutrient media, solutions in open or closed bottles, highly pathogenic samples of micro-organisms, solid or porous materials or materials sensitive towards pressure changes, contaminated material, used filters, animal boxes, animal food, food and other materials – all these items set the wide spectrum of our requirements towards materials that may be quickly, perfectly and reliably disinfected and sterilized by the steam sterilizer UNISTERI®HP IL.

UNISTERI®HP IL – variable use, modular construction of the steam sterilizer with wide range of its use

  • rapid, powerful, intelligent, exceptional
  • saving of space, economical media consumption
  • mobile – can be integrated in a furniture unit
  • optional steam source – internal, external, or combined
  • single-door and double-door (passing-through) type
  • unlimited number of applicable programs
  • built-in chip card system
  • separated system of cycle control and registration
  • flexible PT 100 sensor for sterilization of solutions
  • built-in printer and interface for PC connection
  • allows validation according to EN 285+A2 a EN ISO 17665-1.



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