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20th Anniversary of Establishment of Our Daughter Company BMT UA

This summer we commemorated the 20th anniversary of establishment of our daughter company d.p. BMT UA in Kiev, the Ukraine.

20 years ago we decided to establish our own company in the Ukraine was based on increasing sales volumes and future business potential of the large market with over 45 million of inhabitants. More, there is no own manufacturer of steam sterilizers in the Ukraine and gradual modernization of the whole health care system is just a question of time and available financial means in state budget.

The first director of the company BMT UA was Mr. Gennadij Sergejev, who has stayed in his position without any interruption up to now. Nowadays, he is a highly experienced expert in the field of steam sterilization and he co-operates with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Care in the field of establishment of standards for sterilization of instruments in health care. He is also a highly competent and successful manager, developing our company and building the image of BMT products and the whole MMM Group in the Ukrainian market on long-term basis.

In the course of previous years, our company and our Ukrainian colleagues passed a very complicated process, when the state had nearly no means available for modernization and development of health care system. The more it is necessary to appreciate the efforts and work assignment of our colleagues from BMT UA, who succeeded – even under such extremely demanding conditions and situations – to find new clients and get orders. We focused mainly on the pharmaceutical industry and gradually we managed to deliver our instruments to all of approximately 16 pharmaceutical companies on the territory of the Ukraine. We have also noticed gradual development of small private hospitals (maternity hospital, urology, ...). Thanks to our business activity, design assistance, high quality and reliability of devices and experienced service staff, now almost all private hospitals are equipped with our devices. The BMT UA team has always been able – even in the most complicated periods - to count on the support and help from the side of the BMT and MMM Group, which also contributed to the long-term stabilization of our BMT UA team.

The BMT UA now has 13 employees and their relationship to the company and stability is comparable to our business. Our team is very stable and most of our employees, as well as the director of the BMT UA, Mr. Gennadij Sergejev, have been in our company almost since its foundation or since their arrival to the BMT UA many years ago. Stability of the team, even during the difficult past, has allowed us to build strong know-how in all areas of our business, which makes BMT UA the most experienced and successful company in the field of sterilization in the Ukrainian market.

Thanks to the growing economy, we have succeeded in significant increase of the volume of deliveries. Apart from the business success in the Ukrainian market we have also gained - thanks to the experience and knowledge of our Ukrainian colleagues - very interesting new orders in Belarus or Uzbekistan. BMT UA service technicians are helping us to install new devices and to make repairs also in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland or for example Dubai.

So as to express our thanks and appreciation for the excellent results and for many years of successful work in the market in the field of sale of steam sterilizers and heating technologies, we held the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of BMT UA, which helped in further team building, good entertainment and it will undoubtedly be a motivation for work efforts and hunger for success even in the future.

2. 10. 2018