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Removal of Device Defects

Basic characteristic

  • diagnostics
  • defect removal
  • original spare parts
  • certified measuring devices
  • check of the device function and safety systems after repair
  • handing over after repair

Supposition of a well-done repair is the right and quick failure diagnostics. Our service engineers are well provided for this activity with all necessary information and aids. For the repair specified spare parts or material specified by the producer are used as a standard. After the repair the service engineer is obliged to check the operation safety of the repaired item and record to the work report, that the repaired item is functional and operational safe (device without faults). The service engineer holds the full responsibility for the functionality and safety of the handed-over device. Common repair means the removal of the device failure that can be carried out directly at the installation place (at the customer’s) and does not last for more than 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted work. It is usually an exchange or repair of a damaged or defect part or adjustment of device parameters. Repair of a larger extent means a repair that requires an extensive intervention in the device. It is usually an exchange of the whole node or its disassembly and assembly (e.g. exchange of the complete electric installation, automatics, sterilization chamber, etc.). For these repairs we provide you with a preliminary price calculation. Workshop repair means the repair that must be carried out in the workshop of the producer due to its character and the used technology.


We secure guarantee and post-guarantee repairs, both common repairs and repairs of a larger extent. From the service engineer You receive a written document with the cause of the damage, found faults, way of repair, used spare parts and material.

Basic technical data

Repair means removal of defect and putting the device into an operable condition.