Staff training


We perform the training of staff.





Basic characteristic

  • introductory training
  • periodical training
  • training content
  • training record

Training represents an important element for the proper and safe using of medical devices.



The introductory training of the operating staff is carried out by our service engineers during the device installation. We recommend to carry out the regular (recurring) training for sterilizers at least once a year and to join it together with the term of regular maintenance, if possible.


The content of the training is:

  • identification of states and conditions, under which the device shall be used
  • principles of device operation
  • using and operating the device (inclusive the method of putting out of operation)
  • maintenance and documenting it
  • how to proceed in case of a failure
  • safety of operation (how to avoid the eventual injury, burns or radiation accident)

You will obtain a written report of the performed training.