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Customization of the Device

Basic characteristic

  • object of adaptation
  • draft
  • consideration of possibilities and risks
  • check of the device function and safety systems after adaptation
  • handing over after adaptation

On Your request we are able to examine and, if possible, to carry out the required adaptation of the device. Most often a specific adaptation of some phase of the sterilization cycle is required. In case of our new sterilizers, produced according to the standard EN 285, this is no problem. Our service engineers are able to carry out these adaptations and check them on the spot. Adaptations of a larger extent or more complicated modernization must be carried out with an engineering support and technological preparation.


Do You wish individual adaptations of Your device? Contact us and tell us Your wish, problem or requirement. We will examine it and offer You possible solutions.

Basic technical data

Adaptation means such an intervention on the device that changes its original parameters or function. The adaptation must neither degrade nor reduce the operation safety.