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Regular Instrument Maintenance

Basic characterictic

  • maintenance procedures
  • check of the safety systems and device function
  • verified measuring devices
  • handing over after maintenance

Hard requirements are laid especially on maintenance of sterilizers, because their technical state affects the sterilization safety directly. The maintenance shall be carried out in time intervals specified by the producer. You can prolong the lifetime of Your device and avoid unnecessary failures with subsequent costly repairs, if the maintenance of Your device is regular, well-timed and carried out by skilled staff. During the maintenance we examine Your device properly, exchange defect parts and operating charges, adjust or lubricate the appropriate parts if necessary. The maintenance includes tests for the proof of safe operation. For the measurements we use certified measuring devices. You obtain a written record of the maintenance and check.


Your device, like every technical device, requires regular care and maintenance. We recommend You to perform the maintenance with time intervals specified in the Operating instructions. We will provide You with a professional maintenance through our qualified service engineers.

Basic technical data

Maintenance means performing of planed procedures to secure safe and failure-free operation of the device until the term of further planed maintenance. Every device requires a specific maintenance after the specified time period or the specified number of cycles.