Low temperature sterilizers

The sterilization effect is achieved by means of active media at the specified temperature and the sterilization exposure time. There are usually the temperatures from 40 °C to 75 °C used with the sterilization exposure time from 45 to 300 minutes according to the character of the application.

An integral offer of top-quality low temperature (also called chemical) sterilizers for a wide range of use in medicine. The modular design enables to assemble unit variants according to individual customers’ wishes, most of the units are available in the single-door or double-door (passing-through) variant. Always safe and reliable. 

  • safe, reliable and economical
  • chamber volume from 55 to 110 liters
  • working temperature: from ca. 40 °C to 75 °C
  • option of sterilization medium possible
  • microprocessor control, simple and clear operation
  • wide offer of sterilization programs




The new MMM sterilizer series of Formomat PL features an optimized LTSF-method including economical, technological and organizational advantages. Examples: variable temperature process (55 - 75 °C), simple operation thanks to a new design of the MMM panel, clearly arranged documentation, economical use of consumables and process validation with real instruments. The Formomat sterilizer offers many outstanding features that will convince you.

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