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Accomplishments in the sale of Dr. Weigert preparations

28. 07. 2008

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We were contacted at the end of October 2007 by a German-based company called BLG Logistics. It is one of the biggest logistics companies in Europe. It was about to launch an in-house tender for a supplier of chemistry for a special twenty-meter plastic container washer that it had just purchased from Austrian-based Peböck for about 30 million CZK and installed in its subsidiary in Prague. The washer should run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is designed to wash plastic boxes of various shapes, sizes and materials primarily for the automobile industry.


Mycí linkaAfter being removed from the washer, boxes must be clean and dry so that customers can place produced mechanical components and electronic parts into them. Taking into consideration the complicated shapes and polystyrene parts of some boxes, this constitutes a high demand on the quality and exact dosing of washing and rinsing chemistry. The customer required a comprehensive delivery that includes a water treatment plant, electronic dosing system, assembly and service and repair. Apart from BMT, several other renowned chemistry suppliers also participated in the tender. During meetings and testing, which went on for several months, we communicated exclusively with the German company representative who was personally responsible for the project. In the end we succeeded in winning the tender thanks to the high quality of Dr. Weigert products and thanks to our ability to deliver a functional unit and flexibly react to customer requirements. This was then followed by a monthly marathon before Christmas in which negotiations were led over the exact wording of the trade agreement. Following bilateral agreement, an electronic dosing system by Dr. Weigert was installed with the customer at the end of March 2008. A total of 200 liter barrels containing chemical preparations were delivered and the washer was put into operation. Today we have three months’ successful operation behind us, good references and a happy customer.