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Another Great Year in the Chinese Market for Us

China is undoubtedly the largest market in the world thanks to its population and it is the leader of the whole Southeast Asia.

Its dynamics of economic development is still overwhelming compared to other countries. Cities and life in China are changing right in front of our eyes. Who else can, for example, build about 3,000 km of new high-speed rail in just one year? In the Czech Republic, we have become accustomed to being grateful for only 20 km of a new highway. China is becoming a world power, and many manufacturers have long since begun to move from buying cheap and low-quality equipment to high-quality imported equipment.

We focused on this future trend and the gradual growth of purchasing power on the Chinese market some 20 years ago, when we started cooperation with our partner company ALIT, which we have responsibly and actively developed and which continues to this day. It is long-term friendship and partnership that is the only guarantee of future success in China. At the time of our cooperation beginning, the company had only a few employees. Now it is a modern managed company with more than 120 employees, its own branches in all of China's important industrial areas, its own production of special laboratory cell counting equipment and advanced and trained service, which is able to provide not only assembly and service but also validation our steam sterilizers.

Thanks to a very friendly, deep and effective cooperation, their suggestions and ideas gained in the huge Chinese market in the operation and service of our devices helped us to improve many devices or increase their quality and reliability in the markets, preceded by long and demanding transport.

Exports to China are divided almost in half between heat technology and steam sterilization. In heat technology, which is sold on the Chinese market by our subsidiary MMM Medcenter, we have gradually managed to build a strong position in the market and image of the world's leading manufacturer and thanks to the parameters and quality of our devices we sell here in large quantities mainly our most expensive and best equipped Climacell® and Friocell® devices in both ECO and EVO lines.

In the field of steam sterilizers, the Sterivap® line has been a leader for many years. Just inn 2019 we delivered more than 30 pieces to China. The most popular model for midsize pharmaceutical companies and specialty laboratories is the Sterivap® HP IL model. We have also supplied steam sterilizers manufactured in MMM and BMT USA for demanding and top customers.

Our active and successful cooperation continues and this year we have again new orders for heat technology devices and steam sterilizers for the pharmaceutical industry. After discussions with the management of our Chinese partner, analyzing upcoming projects and successfully training more than 20 Alit dealers from all over China in January 2020 in Shanghai, we believe that this year will again be very successful for our cooperation and device deliveries.

30. 01. 2020