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Another successful project supported by the Czech Ministry of Trade

September 23th 2010


Where the support programmes of the Ministry of Industry and Trade are concerned, our company took another opportunity to draw subsidies and it recently succeeded in bringing to a close the IMPULS Project “Research and Development of a Steam Sterilizer for Laboratories and Pharmacies”.  The final review, attended by representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, confirmed the results of the project and the advisability of the allocated subsidy of more than 2 mil CZK. The Review Commission assessed the project as follows: “Excellent results that can be applied at an international level.”

The project also focused on a wide range of optional accessories to our STERIVAP HP IL steam sterilizers required by laboratory and pharmaceutical engineering. An example of one of the already successfully mastered accessories is certainly the device automatics being equipped with a 4 GB memory card. This helps to save the sterilizer’s operating data during its operating life. Work has been completed on the technical preparations for a production contract which is original in that it secures the disinfection of the content of sterilization chambers through hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) steam.

As the project has been brought to a successful close, new and new market segments are opening up to us in regards to pharmacies and laboratories with increased safety of operation. We are capable of meeting GMP regulation requirements relating to the equipping of sterilizers and their documentation for follow-up validation of operations. We tend to win competitions attended by leading world rivals. We will continue working on this line of business.

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