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Arab Health – MMM Group has changed its image

12. 02. 2008

ARAB HEALTH 2008, the international exhibition of medical technology, was opened on 28 January, 2008 at about 10.00 AM in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the Ruler of the Arabian Emirate of Dubai.

This four-day exhibition which has traditionally been held in the United Arab Emirates has been distinguished by a great dynamics and growth of interest of both exhibitors and visitorsi in the past years. Although it has not reached yet the size of the greatest European health care exhibition Medica, it is dominating clearly in the Near East region and, at the same time, it represents the attraction exhibition for other near Asian and African regions.

This year, more than 2,300 exhibitors from nearly 70 world countries appeared at the exhibition. The exhibition is a spotlight of not only companies but also governments of many countries, which was demonstrated by the presentations of totally 30 national pavilions including the Czech Republic. Therefore, it’s a pity that this year, contrary to the previous years, the Czech government did not approve any support to the Czech exhibitors at the Dubai exhibition.

Contrary to the Czech government, the MMM Group representatives are aware of the importance of this exhibition and the necessity of top-quality presentation for the company position strengthening in the given region. After several years of indecisive search for an optimum way, both BMT a.s. and MMM GmbH joined forces this year and created an exhibition that shows sufficiently the results reached up to now at the Near East, the strength of the Group, quality of our devices as well as future MMM Group plans.

The new image attracted both the traditional partners of MMM Group and the new prospective clients interested in cooperation. The greatest benefit of this year’s participation at the exhibition is expected mainly from the meetings with the present partners and demonstration of our sterilizers to their clients. There were about 20 Saudi Arabia sheikhs and other important representatives of hospitals, who visited our exposition, being invited to us by our local partner Attieh Medico.

Although the success of the visits transformation into accepted orders can only be anticipated now, the new way of presentation was accepted positively at all and we have already ordered a stand space of the same area for the next year already.