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ASME certification

September 13th 2010

ASMEThe backbone of our products are pressure vessels and steam sterilizer steam makers. Apart from several national certificates (Switzerland, Italy, Poland...) for the production of pressure vessels, the pressure vessel production process was also certified in 2001 for the USA according to the ASME-Code. The long awaited ASME system audit took place on 08-09 September 2010 as part of regular recertification audits. The so-called Joint Review, as the ASME system audit is correctly referred to, was conducted by Team Leader Peter Dougherty, ASME Consultant. The other team members were Pavel Vysoglad (inspector) and David Duba. The actual Joint Review was preceded by very comprehensive and consistent preparations in regards to both documents and production. Preparations included a complete review of the QC Manual (Quality Control Manuals for ASME). A wide range of changes were made, the responsibilities for individual positions were set out and many process descriptions were adjusted. The Joint Review did not discover any essential shortfalls in the system or even in production. The Joint Review was assessed in the affirmative and the Team Leader recommended that the certificates awarded to our company for the ASME production of pressure vessels and steam makers be extended for a further three years.

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