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Bio-Medicine Centre Plzeň

A festive opening of the buildings of research and education centre of the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Plzeň, in the value of nearly 700 million CZK was held next to the Lochotín Complex of the Plzeň Faculty Hospital on 17. 10. 2014. Thanks to the bio-medicine centre and five theoretical institutions with 120 research workers, the region obtained new capacities in natural and medical sciences. The bio-medicine centre in the value of nearly 500 million CZK was paid by the EU in full, the seven-floor school building with 5000 square meters of classrooms, laboratories and teachers´ offices were paid by the EU in 85 %, while the remaining sum was paid by the state and the school. Laboratory devices were purchased for some 150 million CZK from the total sum. It was the aim to build high-quality and really unique regional centre of research and development in the field of bio-medicine research, in concrete terms in replacement and regeneration of organs. The project was based on long-term co-operation of two key regional partners the research and teaching institute - Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Plzeň – on one side and the medical treatment institution as the main application partner – the Faculty Hospital in Plzeň.

Key research programs and activities were selected on the basis of already reached international competitive research results, their application potential in health care industry and on the basis of their compliance with long-term priorities of research in the Czech Republic. The project arranged significant improvement of material and technical conditions for science and research in the faculty, it increased the application potential not only in the faculty Hospital, but even in co-operation with other partners from the practice. In this way, there way developed a really up-to-date work site, that will completely differ from the conditions under which the faculty arranged research and teaching as from 1945. Together with research activities, the centre will directly participate in teaching of students of master and doctor study programs. Placement of new laboratories in the vicinity of Faculty Hospital in Plzeň will arrange optimal relations between the research and practical work sites with key impact on quality improvement of treatment methods and procedures on national and international level. Inter alia, the Bio-medicine centre contains laboratories for cell and tissue cultures, molecular and biological and bio-chemical laboratories and chart rooms for development of bio models.

A similar centre is being built in Vestec close to Prague and similar ones already exist in Brno under the name CEITEC and in Olomouc under the name BIOMEDREG. By now, we were successful in all the centres and we always succeeded to supply at least some of the MMM Group products, like steam sterilizers, thermal engineering and stainless steel fittings. This is a result of long-term co-operation with this branch. We do believe that our products will be successful even in other fields of development and they will serve as important references not only in the CR, but abroad as well.

biomedicinske centrum plzen

11. 11. 2014