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BMT Devices and High-Quality Services Worldwide, Even in Papua New Guinea

The independent state of Papua New Guinea is a state in the east of the island of New Guinea and on the islands of Melanesia. The population is just over 7 million, a thousand indigenous tribes and 470 languages spoken here. You will find our equipment even in this country. There is no need to argue that commissioning and testing devices in these countries is often a great adventure and challenge for our service technicians.

Last year, tests of the STERIVAP® HP steam sterilizers and UNICLEAN PL disinfectors that we supplied took place in a newly built hospital in the town of Goroka. It is no exception that very frequent power outages prevent the implementation of the necessary work. Of course, diesel units are available for these cases, however, only one of the STERIVAP® HP sterilizers and two UNICLEAN PL disinfectors are connected to them. And even such a situation is not a win-win for the work of service technicians, because even this backup variant of electricity supply for devices often fails or there even lacks the refuelled diesel in the units. Exactly because of these complications, which we cannot even imagine in the standard conditions of modern European cities, testing of two STERIVAP® HP 6612-2ED sterilizers, three UNICLEAN PL II disinfectors, repair of 3 Sterimat® PLUS, Unisteri® SL 336-1ED table sterilizers and tests of the small Uniclean SL disinfector took as long as two days and two nights.

The next stop where our service technicians had to deal with the pitfalls of this exotic destination was the town of Wewak. It is a medium-sized town on the north coast of the country and is much kinder to tourists than Goroka. Even here, however, caution is in order. A new field hospital was built here in cooperation with BLOCK, which serves as a replacement for the existing ancient building, which had to be demolished first and a new one begun to be built in its place. Therefore, a temporary hospital was built from shipping containers. Due to its nature, it was necessary to take into account the more modest equipment, which consists specifically of one STERIVAP® HP sterilizer and one UNICLEAN SL disinfector. Here too, however, our workers faced power outages, which, as in the first case, should be secured by diesel generators, but they also went on strike at the time of the work. Despite all the obstacles, everything was successfully installed, tested and trained by the operating personnel.

However, the frequently used phrase "we supply our products to more than 100 countries around the world" frequently hides highly demanding logistical and personnel procedures, which an ordinary person can really hardly imagine if he/she does not experience them himself/herself. We are proud to be able to export our devices worldwide and maintain top service and maintenance.


24. 06. 2020