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Bulmedica & Buldental 2009

23. 06. 2009

Our company participated through a presentation by CzechTrade in the Bulmedica & Buldental 2009 Exhibition, which was held from 12 – 15 May 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The main aim of the presentation was to promote the health sector of the Czech Republic and to promote Czech companies through the promotion tools available and to obtain suitable contacts. It needs to be said that this corporate presentation is one of the means that definitely strives after maximum efficiency, nonetheless it is one of the many tools how to get the company onto the market and it cannot be expected that after one presentation we will obtain contacts that will help us to enter the Bulgarian market. It’s a matter of targeted long-term efforts on the part of both parties – both the foreign office and the companies. It needs to be said that people were very much interested in the production of BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. presented at the stand; this was due to both the attractiveness of the offered products for the Bulgarian health sector and the presence of our products, which attracted visitors.

The Bulmedica & Buldental Exhibition is one of the biggest and one of the most prestigious events of its kind held in South-East Europe. This year’s 43rd Bulmedica & Buldental Exhibition hosted more than 900 companies from 40 countries in total. According to official information, 11803 visitors came to the Exhibition during four days. The Exhibition programme includes presentations, technical consultations, roundtables and workshops that focus on topics that are contemporary for the Bulgarian health market. These are organized by various ministries, chambers, specialized associations and the like with the aim to present in greater detail the development and the opportunities of the Bulgarian market.