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Canadian Medical Care, Czech republic

In January 2018, 3 pieces of steam sterilizers of the UNISTERI® HP 336 line were put into operation in the health care institution of Canadian Medical Care CR. This is another important reference for our company, as this is a really first-class medical centre.

The Canadian Medical Care is a private medical care institution providing high standard medical care. The beginnings of the CMC of today date back to 1995, when a conglomerate of private Canadian institutions (MED-EMERG Inc.) established the Canadian Medical Centre in Ontario, Canada.

The Canadian Medical Centre was the first private clinic in Prague, offering services of Czech and Canadian experts. The main aim is complex care for health that the Centre may provide thanks to its team of experts from dozens of medical fields and thanks to high standard equipment. Together with general practitioners and paediatrists you can find there such specializations as ophthalmology, allergology, gynaecology or some fields of alternative medicine, like homeopathy or acupuncture.

The interesting point is the fact that many treatments are performed using the state-of-the-art methods. For example treatment with diode or operation laser is not any exception. Modern analgesic gas Ethnox is used for reduction of fears and pains – it preserves full consciousness but with efficient reduction of unpleasant experiences. Laser pen DiagnoDent Pen is used in diagnostics in stomatology, as it can set the extent of caries. Operation laser KaVo Key 3+ is used for elimination of deep caries. Another speciality is the Heal Ozone therapy, which can completely stop small caries and sterilize the tooth without any drilling. The Heal Ozone method is also suitable for preventive care at children, as it prevents new caries development. The dental centre equipment also includes X-ray devices with full-HD resolution and really minimal radiation dose. Nowadays, this leading institution uses even our top-class devices and we do believe that they will be satisfied with them.

29. 1. 2018