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Central Sterilization for Private Clinics AKFA MED LINE

We are proud that we have succeeded to perform supply of central sterilization for AKFA MED LINE, a private clinics in Tashkent.

In January 2017, at the Arab Health trade fair, the project consultant gathered information for realization of a sterilization department. Our stand – the MMM Group – was one of those visited by him. In the course of the trade fair he met our executive manager about three times so as to gather valuable information regarding the given matter. An agreement was reached for us to process a competitive offer for equipment of central sterilization unit for the on-going project of reconstruction of a state-owned sanatorium – ruined and unused for ages – located in a lucrative location of the city of Tashkent.

Based on brief but demanding negotiations, the price offer was approved. The main requirement was the dispatching of goods in the course of 8 weeks as from the date of signature of the contract, while it was not possible to step aside from it in any way. This was caused by an expected visit of the President and the efforts to open the clinics before that visit.

Our supply was successfully performed and now, 2x STERIVAP SL 669-2 ED, 2x washer UNICLEAN PL II 15-2 and FORMOMAT PL 349-2 are already in use. We have also supplied stainless steel furniture, ultra-sound washers ULTRAMATIC 600, pass-through window, dust-tight carts and many other products of stainless steel, two setting tables ERGOTISH, water treatment units GW 100 and other items. Perspectively, the central sterilization unit should be extended in the system of tools monitoring ECOSOFT, manufactured by MMM.

The festive opening of the clinics was held on 21. 11. 2017. This is an institution that has no analogy in Central Asia, mainly as far as the equipment level and conditions for patients´ stay is concerned.

30. 04. 2018