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Central sterilization in Semasko Hospital, Moscow

15. 08. 2008

Nemocnice Semaško v MoskvěCurrently, our biggest customer in the world is Russian Railway RŽD with its headquarters in Moscow. This colossus has about 5 000 000 employees and owns, apart from other things, more than 230 hospitals! Our total volume of deliveries already constitutes more than 100 million CZK.

We started to actively cooperate with this company about two years ago. Four hospitals have already been modernized through our devices and more are planned. The RŽD Semasko Clinic in Moscow was opened on 03 July 2008.  RŽD Vice-President, Oleg Atkov, also attended the grand opening ceremony.

An article on the opening of the hospital was also printed in its company bulletin on 04 July 2008. We have selected the following part about central sterilization:


Clean work

Another hospital has been opened under the RŽD Investment Programme.

The railway hospital Semasko at the Moscow - Ljubino station was awarded the unofficial status of best equipped hospital from amongst all of the RŽD hospitals from the point of view of central sterilization.

Two new wards were ceremoniously opened yesterday – the Central Sterile Department (CS) and the Surgical Ward. OAO RŽD Vice-President, Mr. Oleg Atkov, and the directors of other hospitals also attended the grand opening ceremony.

The equipping for the new wards was purchased from the funds of the Health Care Department and the OAO RŽD Investment Programme. The Central Sterile Department is equipped with sterilizers made in Germany and the Czech Republic. These devices secure absolutely safe conditions for the sterilization of materials and tools.

We very much appreciate the opening of the new facility, said the deputy of the Chief Surgeon of the Hospital, Gennadij Osokin. Based on data provided by the World Health Organization, in-hospital infections are responsible for 6 - 7% of the overall sickness rate. The only effective tool to combat this is good quality sterilization of medical materials.

Good quality processing and application of the Central Sterile Department enables, according to Oleg Atkov, the Hospital not only to satisfy its needs but also to provide sterile services to other surrounding health care facilities and, by so doing, to generate further profit for itself.