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Certification of devices for sale in Korea and successful trade fair KIMES 2015

Devices certification is a condition for development of sterilization equipment sale in Korea. In 2012 and 2013 we successfully registered steam sterilizers STERIVAP, but only models 6618 and 9612. Unlike the European procedures, the Korean certification authority does not recognize certification of model lines and technically analogical devices and they strictly require testing of models of each size separately.

In consideration of requirements of Korean clients and various sizes of hospitals it was necessary to extend registration of steam sterilizer STERIVAP in other volume models 636, 666, 6612 and also 9615, included in the offer of BMT quite recently and being very popular exactly in Korea and also in Pakistan.

So – after successful certification – our business partner can start active sale of 6 certified models in total in the Korean market. The first great opportunity for our presentation of extended offer of certified models was the trade fair of health care and rehabilitation equipment KIMES 2015, held in Soul, Korea on 5–8 March 2015.

The stand of our Korean partner was conceived in the same style as in previous year. Together with steam sterilizer STERIVAP 666-1 there was presented even the exhibition panel with large moving display. The installation was really very impressive. This year, the local partner has rather aimed at disinfection and steam sterilisation fields. Our sterilisers were presented in the stand and that caused higher visitors´ rates and more professional presentation of our engineering.

Just in the course of the trade fair we succeeded to agree several significant contracts for supplies of our engineering. In total, we might supply dozens of large steam sterilizers to the field of health care and industry in Korea this year.

KIMES 2015

06. 04. 2015