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Containers for barrels in the University Hospital Ostrava

The University Hospital Ostrava is an excellent hospital and one of the leading medical facilities in the Czech Republic. It is the largest public healthcare facility in Northern Moravia, providing healthcare to 1.2 million people. Every year, an average of 46,400 patients are hospitalized on 1,100 beds, and almost 600,000 outpatient treatments are performed. The complexity of the provided health care includes diagnostics, treatment and follow-up care. The University Hospital Ostrava uses top-of-the-line equipment for therapy, follows modern trends and has ambitious and effective treatment programs available.

The Central Sterilization Department is equipped with BMT sterilization technology and Miele washers. These are supplied through a central dosing system with washing and disinfecting preparations Dr. Weigert, which we deliver in two hundred litre barrels. Until now, after being brought to the warehouse, the barrels were always moved by a so-called barrel lift to catch basins, which are used to catch any liquid leakage from the barrel. Such handling is demanding and somewhat dangerous for the staff, so we offered the customer the purchase of so-called Drumtainers. These are mobile containers for two-hundred-litre barrels, which also serve as catch basins in case of damage to the barrel. These containers were developed by the Dutch company Varibox together with Dr. Weigert and we already use them for the supply of detergents and disinfectants to the České Budějovice Hospital. Ostrava University Hospital liked this solution and purchased 8 Drumtainers from us. Using them made it much easier for us and the staff to handle barrels in the corridors of the hospital, there increased the comfort when placing barrels, increased safety when connected to the dosing system, and also significantly facilitated cleaning in the warehouse of dangerous mixtures.


24. 04. 2023