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Dyntec Terezín spol s r. o.

7. 6. 2011

Dyntec to the greatest medicines manufacturer in the Czech Republic.. The medicines, and especially vaccines, have had a long and successful national and international tradition. The company follows the tradition and has been developing dynamically the production of Czech medicines both for the local market and export. The company was established, originally as a research institute, in the abandoned town Terezín in 1949. A worksite specialized to the foot-and-mouth disease, the then greatest disastrous cattle infection with the worst economic impact on the after-war agriculture, hived off the institute. In 1960s, a great set of buildings with laboratories was built where a scientific and research worksite with all necessary facilities and rich library originated.

It involved great capacity for virological production, lyophilization line, stables and other facilities. The foot-and-mouth disease virus was manufactured there by the Franklin method which was then replaced by the virus cultivation in tissue cultures both in our country and abroad in 1970s and 1980s. At the beginning of 1990s (1993), the laboratories were offered for sale and a private company Dyntec has continued the perfect tradition.

The company was established by workers having many-year professional experience with work in laboratories, in manufacture and in field. The company has been developing the top technological equipment and thanks to the professional team of workers, it owns the technology complying even with the most demanding actual conditions for products manufacture. Thanks to the perfect tradition and cooperation with the leading Czech research worksites, Dyntec manufactures a wide range of products.

At present, Dyntec has been granted registration for the Colinfant Newborn vaccine for infants by the State Institute for Drug Control and for veterinary vaccines by the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines

The laboratory which the company has at its disposal provides high-quality veterinary services in the field of specific infectious diseases diagnostics aimed to determine promptly and exactly the causes of the livestock health problems, relating especially the pigs, cattle and rabbits. The laboratory diagnostic results serve to the veterinarians and breeders for determination of infectious diseases extent and way of spreading and for decision-making about the therapeutic possibilities and suitable prevention.

The company is still another Czech pharmaceutical worksite to which we have delivered our devices; for example, one steam sterilizer STERIVAP HP IL 9618 – 2 FD and 5 hot air pass-through sterilizers STERICELL 404 /2. This reference is still more important because Dyntec was awarded 3rd place in the 2009 Investor of the Year competition, category Investment with the Greatest Innovation Potential, for the construction of the Specialized Centre for Research and Development of Vaccines in Terezín. Dyntec has been serving for health for almost 50 years and belongs still to the leaders of the Czech pharmaceutical industry.

Dyntec s.r.o.