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Estonia – the Promised Land of Heating Technology

Estonia is known all over the world as the country of origin of Skype, the country where one can vote online and pay by his/her identity card. But for us, the most important feature is the fact that Estonia is one of the countries where we are a leader of the heating technology market. Together with our local partners we succeeded in previous years to take over important clients of our competitors, to win new tenders and we became the local market No. 1 for the first time in 2015. As far as the number of inhabitants is concerned, the country reaches the size of Prague, but surprisingly this is one of the most important markets in Central and east Europe.

Our devices can be found practically everywhere. In plant breeding stations of local fruit breeders, in the largest Estonian hospital in Tallin, the capital, in laboratories of the research institutes of local water management system or in various university labs. And these are not only ordinary devices of the Standard or Comfort lin. Just to the contrary, last year we supplied several devices VACUCELL®, FRIOCELL® and CLIMACELL® to various clients, including two highly specialised CLIMACELL® EVO devices with large numbers of options. Just to get an idea: one CLIMACELL® EVO 707 device with three light shelves with special ultraviolet light in the form of LED diodes, with automatic defrosting, intensive cooling up to -20 °C, movable sensor of ultraviolet light and other options – it is a device in the value of a top-equipped passenger car.It is necessary to acknowledge that exactly these devices are our flagship products in the field of heating technology and their trouble-free operation opens door for us to other orders and new and important contacts even in the neighbouring countries.

04. 03. 2016