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ExpoFarma Fair in Mexico with Once Again Good Results

24. 5. 2012

This year, our company once again participated in the Mexican fair Expofarma, which took place in Mexico City. A number of our reliable local partners, such as Interlab de Mexico, Innolab, Accesolab, and also in cooperation with Schott, represented us at this important event.

Our Mexican partner Interlab appealed to visitors with its traditionally extensive exposition, where the customers were able really to see a high number of devices supplied by the company. At the Interlab stand, great attention was drawn by our exhibition model of the steam sterilizer STERIVAP HP with a fully functional control panel. Equally interesting for the visitors were also thermal technology products, laboratory drying plants and incubators, and the hot-air sterilizer STERICELL.

Attendance of the fair was again a little low this year, though on the other hand, it should be noted that the newly acquired contacts are of a much higher quality. More specifically, we encounter more and more often a new customer coming to the exhibition with a real interest in a particular type of products.

This is proven by several new customers who are seriously interested in our autoclaves STERVAP, as they purposefully came to the stand to use our exhibition panel in order to try out how the device control works in practice. If negotiations between these potential new customers and Interlab go well, we can look forward to more devices being placed in the local market.

Prospectively, our steam sterilizer will be also installed in the showroom of 3M Mexico City.

Some of the recent, successfully performed deliveries of our technology include the installation of STERIVAP 669-1 and UNISTERI HP 636-1 devices in the San Juan del Rio Hospital in the state of Querétaro in cooperation with our Mexican partner Tecnomedic.

Expofarma 2012

Expofarma 2012