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Export in 2021

From the point of view of BMT exports, 2021 was a successful year. Not only did we meet scheduled sales, but we also achieved the second highest export turnover in our company's history. We recorded higher sales only in 2020, when extraordinary projects in Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan, which included a large share of merchandise, contributed to the record turnover of over one billion crowns.

We achieved traditionally high turnovers in sales to our subsidiaries. The branch in Russia can boast of stable growth, whose sales, after several more demanding years, have been growing for the third year in a row.

We achieved the highest sales in history in case of the US branch of BMT USA. The Ukrainian branch also turned out very well, mainly due to a large tender for the supply of UNISTERI® HP steam sterilizers for the World Health Organization (WHO).

In Europe, in 2021 we were particularly successful in Romania, where, in addition to the usual deliveries to a local partner, we realized the first large delivery of three STERIVAP® HP IL steam sterilizers to the field of pharmacy. Sales to Romania were complemented by orders from traditional countries buying BMT devices - Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. References in healthcare in Hungary are a very interesting promise for the next period.

Compared to 2020, the countries that dominated sales in Asia changed significantly. The most successful countries in Asia for us were India and China. In India, we have confirmed the traditional strong position in healthcare by supplying major public and private entities. Satisfaction with our technology is also confirmed by new large orders that we received from India just before the Christmas holidays. In addition to healthcare, there also strengthens our sales to pharmacy, which represents a great challenge and opportunity in the years to come.

Our Chinese partner boasts increased sales in 2021. Trained traders, stable market position and now a large number of references in China bring us regular orders from major Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers.

India and China are closely followed by Kazakhstan with a strong local partner. Let us hope that the current political crisis in Kazakhstan will not have a negative effect on our further action, on this territory that is successful for us. Sales in Asia were supplemented in 2021 by partners from other countries - South Korea, Bangladesh and Thailand. Interesting projects in Uzbekistan are once again emerging for 2022.

MMM Group's activities in Africa are handled by the parent company MMM GmbH.

The last area of sales of BMT devices is Central and South America. Sales in 2021 were again dominated by Mexico, although not as significantly as in previous years. In Mexico, we have several permanent high-quality business partners who ensure a stable supply of orders.

Since 2021, we have taken over sales from MMM to a pharmacy in Peru, thus continuing our interrupted cooperation with a local business partner. Therefore, we expect an increase in sales in this market in the future as well.

Another interesting market is Panama, where we sent our very first steam sterilizer in December, and I believe that this reference will open us the door to further orders. Partners from Honduras and Costa Rica also contributed to sales in 2021.

25. 01. 2022