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Heating Technology at Pacific Coast

Mexico – that is not only tequila in the shade of sombrero, with enchanting sounds of traditional Mariachi. Mexiko is a country with well developed industry and with a big purchaser – the United States of America – just round the corner.

The industry concentrates in individual Mexican states according to individual industrial branches – the beverage industry (tequila, beer) in Guadalajara, pharmaceutical industry in Mexico City, automotive industry in Puebla. The state Sinaloa, the region between the cities of Culiacan and Mazatlan with an area equal to the area of the Czech Republic, houses the agricultural production plants, supplying a large part of the Mexico territory with food raw materials and final products. The fertile lands, reminding of nutritive European lands with large fields of vegetables, corn and corns, separated by green leafy game refuges, are followed by the processing industry plants, granaries, mills, packaging plants and canning factories. The industrial structure is naturally completed with agricultural research institutes and laboratories, trying on long-term basis to develop more resistant plants and find optimal conditions for their growth.

Thanks to our long-time partnership with the company Schott Mexico and its stable distribution network, our heating technology devices practically dominate the local research institutes. In the mid of April 2016, the representatives of Schott Mexico and MMM Medcenter participated in a festive inauguration of the Research Institute of the faculty of Agriculture, Autonomous University of Sinaloa, where 22 heating technology devices were installed at once.

We trained the staff on three installed devices of the near-by Food Industry Research Institute and so we strengthened our position of a preferred manufacturer of heating technology. Thanks to our local partner, the company New Tech Lab, we even succeeded to organize a seminar „Innovative Technologies of Heating Technology“ and we greeted more than twenty experts from the field of food industry research and manufacture. In the course of three hours we presented details and possibilities of our heating technology line of products from Brno. The whole event was held under patronage of Mr. Oscar Sanchez, Director of the Food Industry Research Institute and it encountered really positive reactions. That is why we do believe that our devices in this remote area of Mexico will remain to be a symbol of premium and reliable technology and that they will keep the position of the market leader.

01. 06. 2016