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Heating Technology in Ireland

Undoubtedly, the small but dynamically developing market of the Republic of Ireland is worth active support. After years of crisis, the Irish economy grows and the pharmaceutical industry and universities in Ireland in general actively inquire for technologies for laboratories.

For over ten years, the heating technologies of BMT are represented by the family company Medical Supply Co. Ltd. The company with 41 employees and 45 years of tradition, high-quality company background and nice interpersonal relations make the MSC a stable partner in the field of laboratory engineering.

Sales volumes of heating technology are stable, with the trend of slight increase. Together with traditional training and visits to the clients, the representatives of MMM Medcenter were given an opportunity to participate in an interesting sports match this year – the MSC Laboratory Football Cup. Representatives of 15 pharmaceutical and hospital laboratories from the surroundings of Dublin confirmed their participation – naturally together with the MSC home-team. The winner of the challenging match in typical Irish heavy rain was the team of the pharmaceutical client Pfizer, a user of several devices of heating technology. The MSC home team finished in the semi-finals due to absence of proper training and naturally also helpful relations towards clients.

Having finished the football cup on the wet green, all the 200 participants met in an Irish pub. The results were published and the teams received souvenirs of MMM MC. It is really great that our representatives develop their relations with clients on the basis of such informal and client-directed events. From the point of view of BMT´s sales it is great to maintain relations with such partners, where mutual business relations are completed with positive attitude towards active sport activities.

24. 10. 2016