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Help to Flooded Serbia

Recent floods in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia rank among the worst floods in that territory as from the beginning of the 19th century. Just in Serbia, more that 30 thousand people were evacuated and more than 30 people died during the floods.

Material damages were terrific and affected inter alia the health care institutions that asked for help similarly to other affected subjects. The Czech Republic did not remain inattentive towards the requests of the Serbian party and the Czech Embassy in Belgrade succeeded to obtain financial means from the Government of the Czech Republic, e.g. for purchase of health care instruments from BMT. Even though the Serbian hospitals rather need steam sterilizers with large volumes, like UNISTERI HP, they were happy to accept even desktop steam sterilizers that are available in a few days – all of that because of high financial costs and mainly long delivery terms. Negotiations on provision of humanitarian help started in the end of June and just for the second week in July there was agreed the delivery of the first 4 pieces of steam sterilizers STERIMAT PLUS that should immediately reach the affected health care institutions in Serbia.

14. 08. 2014