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Hospitalar 2011, Sao Paulo, Brasil

30. 5. 2011

Hospitalar 2011, an important trade fair in Sao Paulo (South America) held on 24 – 27 May, 2011, was also attended by our company. As expected, this greatest trade fair in South America was visited by a great number of visitors all over the world. Hospitalar is the most comprehensive trade fair specialized to the health sector in Brazil and the whole Latin America.

According to the statistics , this year’s trade fair was attended by 1,250 international exhibitors and more than 90,000 professional visitors all over the world. This fact proves a great development in this field of industry and search for new technologies.

Our stand was visited traditionally by nearly all South American partners and customers. We showed the main functions and advantages of our steam sterilizers to all of them through the Sterivap HP demo panel. Unfortunately, we have not managed to get ANVISA registration (similar to FDA in the USA) yet which would allow us selling the medical devices on the Brazilian market. The hospitals are of great potential for BMT in Brazil. Brazil has been developing quickly and has enough financial means; therefore, we would like not to be missing on its great market. But it is not simple to get there. In Brazil, the market has already been represented by the local steam sterilizer manufacturers and competitors. These companies press the prices down but they offer devices of a very poor quality, not complying with a number of standards. However, Brazil has not treated this fact yet. Another problem is that this country protects the local market quite a lot, which means great import duties that increase the price of our device even by 100 %. Moreover, a new act has been approved recently, determining the priority of national manufacturers in public tenders. It will not be easy to get to the Brazilian hospitals. At present, we have also been working on some promising projects for laboratories.

Hospitalar 2011, Sao Paulo, Brasilien