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Intermed Hospital – a Dream Project for Mongolia

In 2012, our company supplied 6 large steam sterilizers to Mongolia within the scope of the project of the Ministry of health care in Mongolia. For quite a long time, this was the only project when sufficient budget was successfully obtained for purchase of high-quality medical equipment. Cheap, poor-quality and unknown manufacturers from China win most of the projects, even though they manufacture sterilizers with technologies corresponding to the 70´s of the previous century.

In 2013, the local mining company invested into the project of construction of a new Intermed Hospital, which seems to be really timeless in Mongolian conditions. The project was arranged by the Austrian company VAMED, which – in compliance with its standards – provided the new hospital with high-quality equipment of European production. In connection with professional performance of construction there was established a hospital that meets strict requirements of European quality. Unlike other hospitals in the country, it does not show only glitters in premises accessible for visitors, but it offers high quality in generally non-available premises, like e.g. central sterilization unit.

The MMM group supplied the central sterilization unit of the hospital with 2 steam sterilizers SELECTOMAT SL, 3 washing disinfectors UNICLEAN SL, formaldehyde sterilizer FORMOMAT, package welding device STERIPACK and accessories for devices. Service for all the equipment is arranged by the local sales representative of the company MMM Group – the company Med Mongol. The visit to the hospital more than one year after putting it into operation indicated that the staff of the central sterilization unit is highly satisfied with excellent equipment and they mainly appreciate reliability and comfort at work as provided by the devices supplied. Anyway, the same positive experience with steam sterilizers STERIVAP 669 was confirmed by representatives of other hospitals, using our steam sterilizers supplied within the scope of the project in 2012.

MMM Group is the only manufacturer of high-quality sterilization engineering that may be currently proud of several reference works sites in Mongolia and emerging technical background with trained technicians and good availability of spare parts in that country.

21. 07. 2015